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The Episode starts with Surili saying Swati did wrong, I did this for Mohit’s betterment, I wanted to save him from insult, its not easy to give a place to a husband’s ex and his child, even then I m doing everything without complaining, I don’t expect you to understand, people think I m not a mum so I can’t understand a mum’s feelings, Roshni is our guest because Mohit is your son, else she would have not been here. She goes. Roshni consoles Mohit and promises him. He hugs her. Ranimaa says it happened wrong, Roshni is your past, she should stay away. Surili goes to Roshni. Shiv asks shall I leave my son to suffer. Ranimaa says a son is a father’s shadow, I have raised you well, I was wrong, you are also like your dad, I didn’t expect this from you, you cheated your wife. He says don’t compare me with him, he turned away from his kids, he cheated on his wife, Surili is my wife, I can’t leave my child, you want me to compromise for your prestige like my dad did. Surili apologizes to Roshni and goes.

Ranimaa says I didn’t ask you to run away from truth, its about Ranakgarh, I m not asking you to leave your son. Shiv asks what’s the solution, I can’t become like my dad, sorry. Ranimaa worries. Sam recalls the pics. Samar comes and asks how did you get these controversial pics. Sam says I swear, I don’t know anything, how will Maa react. Samar says relax, tell them it’s a technical glitch, Shiv or Roshni’s Bluetooth got connected. Sam asks how. He says its artificial intelligence, don’t worry, everything will get fine, I will talk to Ranimaa. Sam says I will talk to her. Samar says I know you didn’t do this, I know, it was me. He sees Shiv and Roshni’s pic. He says well played Roshni, it will be fun. Roshni says Shiv and Surili should get away from each other, you will get close to Shiv, I promise, Mohit. Shiv and Surili have a talk. He says I m sorry, its my mistake. She forgives him. Ranimaa tells everything to Maan. She worries for Surili. Surili comes and asks Maan to get well soon to join her team. Ranimaa smiles. Maan moves his fingers. Surili says he is saying yes. Ranimaa gets glad.

Samar comes to Roshni. He says you are an amazing player. She says stop the nonsense. He says I got the pics from social media account, I got to know it was uploaded 5 days back, you knew everyone will know about you, you played this game, terrific, amazing, you knew it, Ranimaa will not listen to you, your weapon was innocent Surili. She says you said it right, there is one more truth, your intention isn’t good, don’t come in my way. He says I will make a deal, I have a mind, I m not simple. He goes.

Ranimaa says Surili, you chose a path and it will hurt you, think well, a woman is the biggest enemy of a woman, I was at your place many years back.

Raghav asks for house division. Shiv raises hand. Samar says this family is going to end now.

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