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The Episode starts with Ranimaa advising Surili. She says Roshni has come here to make you out, you see the world with goodness, but not everyone is good like you, see the truth. Surili says its proved today that Sasumaa is also Maa. She says I m sure I will remove the thorns from my way. Roshni comes to have breakfast. She says I m better now. Ranimaa says its Surili’s chair, you can’t sit there. Roshni thinks I will take this place soon. She says sorry, I didn’t know that. Surili comes and greets them. She asks Roshni how is she feeling today. She greets everyone.

Shiv asks Mohit to have food. Surili says I promise I will have it later. Roshni and Shiv try to feed Mohit. Raghav and Swati come. Sam says donuts got over, you have to eat oats and poha. Raghav argues. Samar looks on. Ranimaa asks Raghav to sit and have food. Raghav says no, we didn’t come to sit. Swati says I have no respect here, if Surili can slap me in front of everyone and no one tells her anything, then what’s the guarantee that her child will not misbehave with my child. Ranimaa says don’t make it a big issue. Raghav says you didn’t say any word yesterday. Your love is divided, this family is divided. Shiv asks what do you mean to say. Raghav says we want a division. Samar says yes, good…. Ranimaa asks what, division, how dare you say that, you forgot your roots. Raghav says how dare Surili raise hand on Swati. Ranimaa scolds him. Samar enjoys the drama. Ranimaa says Swati told a lot of bad things about Mohit without knowing the truth, if I knew the truth, then I would have slapped her before Surili, you should support Surili for saving the family respect, you should scold Swati. Shiv says Raghav… Raghav says stop it. Swati says let the division happened, you are supporting Surili. Shiv stops her and says she is my wife, the eldest bahu of this house, watch your manners. Raghav asks will you also slap Swati like your wife, I can also raise hand. Shiv raises hand and stops. Raghav says you can slap me like before. Surili says stop it, Swati and I can solve this, please, I have promised Swati’s mom to take care of her and guide her, I treat Swati like my sister Sasha, sorry I forgot my limits yesterday. Swati says I m not your sister, you have no rights to reform me, you are not the only owner of this palace, I also have a right, if you are Shiv’s wife, then I m Raghav’s wife.

Samar says this house is going to shatter. Surili apologizes to her. Swati asks her to fold hands and apologize to her. Ranimaa asks what. Shiv says no need to do this, its okay. Surili says its no shame to fold hands and apologize when I have to join hearts with her, I will always regard her my sister. She says Swati, whatever happened, the way you spoke to Mohit was wrong, I m sorry. Samar says nice. Swati says whatever and goes. Shiv says Raghav, we are brothers, this palace, office and factory are ours, why to divide it. Raghav says it will happen gradually.

Roshni asks Mohit to have food. He says Shiv isn’t my dad, you are my mum, Shiv is Surili’s husband, he is champ’s dad. Samar says it’s the start of this family’s end, I like it. Mohit runs away.

Ranimaa says Mohit will ask for his rights. Surili says its not anyone’s fault. Ranimaa says your pain reminded me the old wound, I know you are breaking within.

Shiv gets angry and hurts himself. Samar and Roshni join hands to ruin Shiv and Roshni’s relation.

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