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The Episode starts with Ranimaa asking Shiv not to forget Surili and his coming baby. Shiv says Mohit is equally imp for me, I will give him my name and love, I m not accepting Roshni, I love Surili a lot. Ranimaa says she is your wife, she is pregnant, don’t taker her goodness as weakness, your heart won’t permit you to give your name to Mohit. Samar asks Roshni to decide if she wants to join hands or not. He says we will make a good team. She says I like to fight my battle myself, I can’t trust a cunning fox like you. He says I want you to get your place, Mohit wants you and Shiv to be together, entire Barot family can be with you, choice is yours. She holds his hand. He says I like it. She says I want to see your game. He says okay, I like it, watch me. He goes. Ranimaa takes dinner for Surili and feeds it to her. She says I worry for you and baby also, I will tell you a story of two tigers ruling the jungle, one day they had a fight and stopped talking, some dogs thought to take an advantage of their fight, they started stealing the prey of one tiger, the other tiger didn’t say anything, they attacked the tiger, the tiger fought well but got caught, the other tiger went to save him, the first tiger asked why did you help when we had a fight, the other tiger said that the dogs shouldn’t take an advantage of their fight, don’t give a chance to spoil a husband and wife’s relation. Surili says everything is fine. Ranimaa says nothing is hidden from me, control your emotions, fight for your rights, don’t give your right to anyone. She goes.

Roshni goes to Shiv and pacifies him. She asks what’s the pain in your heart, tell me. He says the one who hurt my heart stays in my heart, I have also hurt Surili. She says lets go for a walk and talk. He says I don’t want to, I think husband and wife have such fights. She asks him to share it. She says Surili’s anger is justified but she will come around. She advises him. She says Surili’s upbringing is different. He says she will be more hurt if I leave her alone. She says she shouldn’t get angry in pregnancy. He says you are doing a true friend’s duty. Mohit comes and says my friends are enjoying, you take me to birds sanctuary. Roshni says you know I m weak. Shiv says you can see many birds here, there is a big sanctuary here in Ranak, shall we go. Mohit says no, I want to go with mumma. Shiv says its fine, she will come along. Roshni agrees. Swati says I want to see if I will get the same care and attention if I get pregnant, it’s the right chance, will we get the same respect as Shiv and Surili. Raghav says idea is good, shall I cancel this week’s meetings, we have to plan it. She asks why. He says you are so innocent, I mean if we have to make this true, then we have to plan. She makes him away. She says no, we have to see if the pregnancy news gets me attention or not, I don’t want partiality to happen with our child, just a drama is fine. He says oh, okay.

She says this fake pregnancy will expose everyone. He says you are right. Its morning, Samar comes with Mohit. Roshni says we are getting late. Mohit says I want to go with Samar. Samar says its okay, your parents will be uncomfortable. Shiv says not at all, you are most welcome. Samar says we will enjoy a lot.

Ranimaa says Samar is going along, its good, Shiv, did you ask Surili. Shiv says no, pregnancy…. Roshni says its not safe, she has motion sickness, she should rest. Ranimaa says I m sure that Shiv will be happy if she comes. Shiv says of course. Ranimaa calls Surili there. Mohit says I want to sit with Samar. Roshni says no. Shiv says relax, let him sit anywhere he wants. Surili says Mohit, I got a surprise for you. She gives him cup cakes and says I have made this for you, do you like to fly, you can fly with Shiv in this car, go and sit with Shiv then. Shiv says you should sit in the front seat. Samar says sorry, Surili, sanctuary is far, it will be risky to travel in pregnancy, why don’t you sit with me. Surili asks Mohit to go with Shiv and have fun. Roshni smiles.

Ranimaa says why are you hitting on your foot. Surili says I trust myself and my love, don’t worry. Shiv races the car. Mohit enjoys the ride. Roshni says its fun, Surili should have not come. Shiv looks at her.

Surili says Maan’s condition and Gerua’s death is connected. Shiv and Surili get Maan’s message and says our enemy is Samar….

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