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The Episode starts with Samar congratulating Surili for her pregnancy. He says you are strong to handle any situation so well, you gave love to Mohit, no other woman would have done this. Surili says children are children, they are blank papers, its not right to put the burden of parents’ mistakes on them, we have no right to burden them, I m glad that Mohit is Shiv’s son, how can’t I love him. Samar feels bad. Roshni says I mean Surili is too careless. Shiv says I know to take care of my wife. She says you are amazing to handle everything so well, your baby is as imp as Mohit. Surili says Mohit is like my baby, there is no difference, I will give equal love to Mohit and my champ. Samar says amazing, I don’t know what you think about me, but you are one in a million for me, I wish every person thought like you, many children’s lives would have got saved, many times life’s slaps fills hatred in us, the thorns in the way stop us. Roshni smiles seeing Shiv. Samar says anyway, is everything okay with you, I mean, I could sense some problem between Shiv and you. Surili says no, every husband and wife have little fights. He says yes, but the fights shouldn’t come out in front of everyone, it makes the relation weak, I heard Shiv telling Roshni about the fight, so I got to know, I thought to ask if I can help. She says you are kind, thank you so much. They read the bird sanctuary. Mohit runs to Samar. Shiv asks Surili to not get angry. Surili says you are doing mistakes. Roshni says Shiv, Mohit is calling you. Surili says you attend him, we are having a personal talk. Samar says I will show you the birds. He shows the birds to Mohit . Mohit gets happy. Surili and Shiv argue. Surili says you can’t discuss our fight with outsiders. Shiv says relax, Roshni told me anger isn’t right for the baby, don’t you trust me. She says no, you go and talk to Roshni. He says I just told her that Surili is hurt because of me. Roshni looks on. She says calm down, its not Shiv’s mistake, he loves you a lot, trust me, you are very lucky to get a good husband, value him.

Surili says you shouldn’t talk in between, please excuse us. Roshni says you shouldn’t get angry, you are carrying Shiv’s child. Surili says enough, don’t you dare teach me. Roshni says I will teach you, I have experience, I worry for Shiv. Samar turns to see them.

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