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The Episode starts with Ranimaa asking Swati is this true. Raghav says you don’t trust us. She says its not like that, I m very happy to get two grandchildren. She asks Mithi to get aarti plate. She blesses Swati. Shiv and everyone come home. Ranimaa says Raghav is giving the good news that he is going to become a father. Samar coughs and smiles. He says sorry, weather change made me cough, congrats Raghav. Shiv also congratulates him. Surili hugs Swati and says congrats. Ranimaa says you are hurt. Samar says she is a superwoman, she got a sprain while saving Mohit. Ranimaa says a mum thinks about her baby first. She does Swati’s aarti. Swati gets happy.

Roshni says congrats. Swati thanks her. Samar says Swati, Raghav, congrats. Raghav thanks him. Surili says I will take some rest and come. She goes. Ranimaa stops Shiv. She says whatever happened today wasn’t good, this happened because of Roshni, I can’t let anything happen to Surili and baby. Shiv says I know you are worried for her. Ranimaa scolds him. She says you can send them away and take care of Mohit. Roshni takes care of Mohit. Surili tells her plans about the baby. Shiv thinks who shall I choose, Surili or Mohit.

Shiv goes to meet Roshni. Swati says we have no value, you saw Ranimaa’s reaction. Raghav says I have seen it, your idea was good. Shiv says Mohit will get good education in Mumbai, I have booked a sea facing flat for you in Mumbai with all the facilities and servants, I have arranged tutor for him. Roshni says you are asking us to leave. He says Surili and I will visit you every week, you recover and then go, sorry, this will be right for all of us. He gives the flat papers. He goes.

She says you want to leave me for your wife, I m stubborn now, being Mohit’s mum, Mohit will get his rights. Shiv gets Bandish’s call. He says network is weak, send a voicemail, I can’t hear you. Surili goes to Maan and says have fruits, Swati and I are pregnant, you will become uncle of two babies. She cuts the apple. She asks him to help her sort fights with Shiv. He gets tense seeing the knife. He recalls Veera’s death.

She asks Maan what’s happening, breathe, do you want to see something about the knife, dagger? She says we will talk in yes or no, did Veer get murdered by a dagger. He moves his finger. She asks do you know who stabbed him, do you know where is that dagger. She says calm down, we will talk later, I promise I will find the dagger, take the inhaler, breathe, calm down. Roshni says Surili did this, she brainwashed Shiv, Shiv is so polite. She taunts Samar and asks him not to joke. She says I have did much planning to get Mohit his rights, Shiv asked me to settle in Mumbai. He says relax, Mohit will get his rights. Shiv hears Bandish’s voicemail. Surili comes and says I just spoke to Maan, someone had attacked him. Shiv gets Maan’s voicemail. He says Maan told about a person with S name. She says right, Shiv, we have to do something. He asks who can it be with S name. They say Samar… He says it can be Samar, since he came here, I feel problems got added up. She says I find him fishy, sorry, I checked his room once, I doubted him, but I didn’t get anything, I felt I m overthinking. Shiv says whenever I see Samar, I see hatred, but it’s a big allegation, attacking a prince. She says mum trusts him a lot. He says Raghav and Sam also trust him a lot these days, we have to find out the solid evidence.

Shiv says we will find the attacker who has hurt Veera and Maan. Samar hides from Shiv.

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