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The Episode starts with Shiv talking to his dad’s pic about his responsibility towards Mohit. Surili comes and talks about Raghav. He says he just talks about division, he has crossed limits today. Swati says Surili is responsible for this. Raghav says right, I will give her a reply. Sam comes and asks him to calm down. Raghav says shut up, stay in limits, get lost, I m ready to fight the family, I won’t leave my share. Shiv says I don’t want to talk to Raghav. Surili says right, he doesn’t deserve your attention, we have to think of Mohit, not Raghav. Sam says I also dislike Shiv, he just orders us, he has made our life hell. Raghav says stop it Sam, Shiv used to worry for us, he had sacrificed his childhood for us, he has played our dad’s role, you are criticizing him, this is not done. Shiv says Raghav stays angry, I m protective about him. Raghav says Shiv is my elder brother, I m fighting for my rights. Shiv and Surili smile. Shiv says see, I told you, he is short tempered, but he is clean hearted, I know he trusts me a lot. Sam says I was telling the same to you. Surili and Sam smile and sign each other. Swati looks on.

Raghav leaves. Surili says good job, Sam. Sam thanks her. She goes to meet Meet. Ranimaa cries seeing Maan. Shiv and Sam also come. Surili says I know I m wrong, I have hurt you a lot, when a mum is sad and she cries, even Lord cries, sorry, I know you think good for me, we should give a chance to everyone, we should trust.

She says Shiv loves Mohit a lot, you have seen him. Raghav and Swati come. Ranimaa asks did you prepare the property papers and come. Raghav says no, you are my biggest property, what do I have, I m sorry, I don’t know what happened to me, forgive me. Shiv says sorry. Ranimaa forgives them. Her sons hug her. Raghav and Swati go. Shiv goes to Raghav. Raghav says I just wanted to give happiness to mum. He goes. Shiv gets sad. Samar talks to Roshni. He says Mohit will get his rights, what about you, you like Shiv, I know, the royal family will remove you from the palace, Surili is cunning, you have to play the game carefully, she failed my planning, if you want Mohit and Shiv, then you have to separate Surili and Shiv, their bond is strong, you don’t trust me 100%, but you need my help, you have to believe me, you will get what you want. Surili comes to the room and sees the candles. She says this is amazing, wow. Shiv comes and hugs her. He asks how did you like my surprise. She says beautiful, what are we celebrating here. He says you are my life’s most beautiful festive, this is for you, you married me and made my palace a home with your love, you handled mum, you accepted my past and stopped Mohit, thanks, you have done many favors on me, you always think of family first. She smiles. She says truth is you all have the same heart beating, you love each other a lot, trust me, when you need, Raghav will stand for us first. He says you solve big problems easily. She says you call me your fairy. She hugs him. Roshni looks on.

Samar provokes Raghav. Roshni brainwashes Swati. They make a plan. Surili comes there.

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