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Surili brings food for Rani. Rani says you are pregnant and you should calm down. Surili says in my house everyone says we should work extra then the baby and mother stay healthy. Rani says okay but please be careful. Surili says yes. Lekha brings medicines to fake her pregnancy. She shows Raghav. Raghav says I don’t understand at all why we are doing all this. Lekha says Roshni must have thought something. Raghav says now we are trusting outsiders more than family? Lekha says don’t start your Shiv being a good brother lecture again please, I am tired of it and I will do anything to get them down I can’t stay as a second option anywhere. Raghav says I know and I want justice for us as well. Lekha says it doesn’t seem like that from your actions. Lekha goes.

Here, Roshni watches Shiv and Mohit enjoy together whole horse riding. Roshni thinks the day I left my good behaviour, I am getting everything I needed. Lekha comes and says do some good for us as well. Roshni says of course, that is my main plan. Lekha says why all these medicines? Roshni says to show that you are really pregnant and then as you are faking it we need to have a little accident to put the blame on Surili. Lekha says I don’t think I can do so much just to fake something. Roshni says okay then stay here as a second option for Rani and this mahal, let Surili be the hero and first in everything. Raghav is tensed when Samar comes to him. Raghav says after so long things are going for him and Lekha but now he is confused on what to do next as I tried to share the property but it backfired now what? Samar says Shiv cleverly used his good side to mend things with you, now we just need to use whatever Shiv said that day for our benefit. Raghav says meaning?

Samar says you can handle the whole business while Shiv is adjusting to his new life and relations, let him be busy juggling with Mohit, Roshni, Surili and the new born, you use this time to take the business to the next level. Raghav gets hopeful and he imagines himself being successful. Raghav asks can this really happen? Samar says yes you can I know it, your skills are under rated in this Mahal due to Shiv and his so called greatness, don’t let that raise doubts on your own ability. Raghav says I will do as you say. Samar smirks seeing his plan become successful.

Roshni says for bigger things little risks are important. Lekha says I am ready to take risks, tell me. Roshni says first of all trust me. Roshni shows a medicine which will make Swati dizzy and pukish. Roshni says this will be the reason behind your miscarriage and it will happen through Surili, we will plant this whole drama on her and when everyone gets to know that because of Surili you lost your baby, your lie won’t get caught neither would your dignity get lowered. Lekha gets happy with the plan. Surili enters the room and the evil gang gets scared wondering if Surili heard all of it. Surili is clueless and tells Lekha how she will take care of Lekha as she is carrying her baby. Surili gives a list of Dos and Donts. Roshni uses this opportunity to add the medicine to the soup Surili got for Lekha. Surili says I will take care of you, you just focus on eating healthy. Lekha thanks her and pretends to be sweet. Surili goes while Lekha has the soup.

Shiv and Mohit return. Mohit shares the stories with Roshni. Shiv praises Mohit for being brave around horses. Shiv then whispers to Surili that soon our baby will also learn all this with me. They blush. Suddenly, they all hear Lekha coughing. They all rush to her. Lekha says I just had soup and then I am feeling unwell. Lekha gets unconscious. Roshni asks the servant to take the soup to kitchen and not to throw it. Surili worries and tells Shiv how she made the soup on her own then how come this. Shiv calls the doctor and everyone gathers. Roshni and Samar smirk.

Precap: Raghav cries while everyone consoles him. Surili is clueless about what is going on.

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