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Anu serves kheer to Kairi, Tapan, and Imlie. Imlie falls unconscious after having kheer. Family rushes her to hospital. Ranas tongue lash Anu for harming Imlie and warn her if something happens to Imlie, they will not spare her. Doctor walks to them and congratulates them that Imlie is going to become a mother. Ranas rejoice and congratulate Atharva for becoming a father again. Doctor thanks Anu for brining Imlie to the hospital on time. Ranas thank Anu and say she really has changed. Anu says she considers Imlie as her own granddaughter. Ranas go to meet Imlie. Keya tells Akash that Imlie own the battle again. Anu fumes and vents out her frustration on a handicap old man. She thinks Ranas did a big mistake by trusting her again, she will destroy their lives again.

Atharva congratulates Imlie and says god gave them another chance to be happy and promises to keep her always happy. Kairi also rejoices. While returning home, car stops due to traffic jam. Tapan notices a poor woman and says maa. Imlie notices Keya not in the car and asks Kairi if she taught Tapan to call maa. Kairi says she taught him a lot more. Imlie recalls Tapan calling a poor lady in book as maa and thinks if he was calling that poor lady as maa. At night, Imlie wakes up hearing Tapan crying. Whole family wakes up and they walk out of the house. They notice Tapan with a poor woman and tongue lash her for trying to steal their child. Lady reveals that Tapan is her son, Akash and Keya had stolen him when she had gone out to bring food for Tapan.

Divya says maybe she is lying and herself would have given Tapan to Akash and Keya. Imlie says a mother cannot lie and she knows Akash and Keya are lying. Anu says Imlie is right, she was wandering on road and saw Akash and Keya getting out of car at a signal and stealing Tapan. Devika asks why didn’t she inform them when she came into this house. Anu says they don’t trust her much and Imlie was suspicious on her, so she kept quiet. Family wakes up Akash and Keya and ask how did they get Tapan. Keya says via adoption agency. Devika says they stole Tapan. Tapan’s mother walks in. Keya accepts her crime and says she didn’t want to be called as as infertile and was also helping a poor. Imlie says it’s a sin to separate a child from it’s mother. Devika tongue lashes Keya for losing hope and retorting to steal a baby. Imlie apologizes Tapan’s mother and take responsibility of his education. Mother thanks Ranas for their humanity and Anu for revealing truth.

Keya angrily breaks things in her room. Anu walks in. Keya asks why did she support Ranas. Anu shouts what she could have done, but then notices Imlie peeping from her room window and changes her tone. She says Ranas gave her shelter when she was homeless, she can’t be disloyal to them. She thinks she needs 8 months at least to execute her plan and destroy Rana family. Anu thinks she still can trust Anu completely. Next day, Rana family pamper Imlie when she gets morning sickness. Whole family take good care of Imlie during her pregnancy and plan her baby shower ceremony.

Precap: Atharva learns that Rana family’s assets are transferred in Anu’s name. Anu asks Imlie if she liked her gift.

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