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Imlie argues with Agastya’s manager that super chef competition is about cooking and not studies. Agastya asks how will an illiterate follow recipes. Imlie says he can check with temple poojari, she prepared lots of prasad. Agastya says prasad is served for free, he wants people to buy Chaudry Sweet’s sweets in pounds. He checks her name and says her name reflects her poor nature. Imlie continues to argue with manager that she has magic in her hands and deserves a chance. Jugs requests Agastya to give her one chance. Agastya recalls Imlie tricking him and says such a candidate doesn’t deserve to be his chef. Imlie uses mental game and says his boss is afraid that she will win a competition and hence doesn’t want to give her a chance.

Agastya says he gave her a chance and asks her to boil milk first. Imlie thanks him and says she can boil milk with her gaze. Agastya asks her to stop boasting and prove herself first. Imlie struggles to switch on induction stove. Agastya says she doesn’t know to switch on stove and wants to boil milk. Manager switches on stove. Imlie starts boiling milk. Agastya throws money in front of her to divert her attention. She picks money. Milk overboils and burns. Agastya says she burnt milk and it spoils sweets. Imlie says he didn’t ask her to prepare sweets. Agastya says her greed to get 500 rs will spoil his 5 lakhs worth sweets. Imlie says every poor has a right to dream, yells at Agastya, and walks away.

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