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Anu asks Imlie’s boss who is she and why she wants to meet Imlie. Imlie rushes to them and says she is her call center boss Bharti who has come to enquire why she hasn’t come to work since a few days. She takes Bharti aside. Bharti says she told she has emergency in the family and is partying instead. Imlie says her family is working in the party. Bharti says she needs her money immediately due to some emergency. Imlie goes to bring her money. Atharva/Ken drags her aside and asks why her boss has come. Imlie says her boss wants her money back. They notice Anu nearby and hide. Anu walks towards them when Ken’s assistant asks her where is a special dish as senior Ken loves it. Anu rudely walks with him to show the dish. Imlie goes to get money and finds Kairi’s stuff instead. She realizes that money bag got exchanged with Kairi’s bag.

Keya checks CCTV footage and finds senior and junior Ken with Rana family. Ken passes by and notices her watching CCTV footage, he fears she will watch Rudra’s beard coming off and acts as falling down and shouting for help. Keya rushes to him and asks how did he fall. He asks if she didn’t see him falling. She says no. He says then okay and walks away. Keya misses watching Rudra’s beard coming off, but thinks maybe Ranas want to pull Kens over their side and so she shall inform Anu about it. Atharva rushes to Imlie and informs her that Keya recorded dad’s beard event in a pendrive and went to show it to Anu. Imlie informs him that Kairi took money bag to picnic and hence he shall go and bring it back while she steals pendrive. Bharti waits for Imlie. Akash walks to her and asks if she needs anything. Bharti says she needs her money from Imlie. Ken rushes to them and says Bharti came to have with him. He asks Akash to go or else he will inform Anu. Akash leaves. Ken tells Bharti that Imlie gave money to him. Bharti says she needs her money back. Ken says he will give it to her and takes her along.

Imlie enters Anu’s room in lieu of cleaning it and steals pendrive. Keya walks in and tells Imlie that she will show some magic on screen to Anu aunty. She plays pendrive and finds a movie in it. Anu scolds her. Imlie recalls how she exchanged pendrives. Kairi opens her bag and finds money in it. Peon watches it and thinks his life would be settled if he gets that money. He insists Kairi to give the bag to him. Kairi refuses. Atharva reaches camp with Bharti, removes his disguise, and tells her that Imlie must have informed her about their family’s troubles and he is just trying to save his family. He goes in to bring money. Goons find their friend in place of Atharva and inform that Atharva escaped. Anu gets angry on them. Atharva reaches Kairi and asks her bag. Kairi shows peon taking it away. Atharva stops peon, takes bag from him, and returns Bharti’s money. Kairi asks him if he lost a game that he looks tensed. Atharva says he will win the game for sure when he has such a cute daughter.

Precap: Anu hostages Ranas and says Arto would get busy to save them, she will sell this house to Ken and count money. Imlie notices from window and acts as having labor pain. Ken rushes to her help, slips, and falls down unconscious. Akash says Ken is not breathing, looks like he is dead.

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