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Anu notices senior Mr Ken and asks where was he. He says he was canceling his deal with USA. Anu says junior Ken said he is resting. Ken says he was earlier. She asks why he looks nervous. He says seeing a beauty in front of him, anyone would get nervous. Anu feels shy. Ken walks away saying he has a call with Japan. He returns to family and informs that Anu is eager to sign the deal, but Atharva hasn’t returned yet. Devika says her son will return for sure and they will win over evil soon. Imlie says a mother’s trust never goes wrong. They all deliver heavy dialogues and walk to the living room. Anu brings her goons and ties Ranas to a chair and locks Imlie in a room. They then pour oil around Ranas while Imlie pleads to let her family go.

Ken/Atharva returns. Anu says he and his father has time for everyone except her. Ken asks where is her staff. Anu say she has given them some punishment and asks him to sign the deal and give her money. Ken gets Imlie’s call from landline. Keya asks why Imlie is calling him. Ken says he loves Imlie. Keya says she told him. Ken says he wants to meet Imlie. Anu says she thought he is a seasoned businessman, takes him to servant room and says her other servants are getting punished but Imlie is safe. She asks him to sign the document now. Imlie thinks Anu will find out the money is fake and acts as getting labor pain. Ken rushes towards her, slips and falls down unconscious. Akash checks Ken and says he is dead. Anu shouts at Imlie if she couldn’t be silent.

Keya frightens Anu that she will go to jail as Ken died in her house. Anu sends Ranas out of the house and buries Atharva inside the house with Akash and Keya’s help. She says nobody will know where Mr Ken is. Keya says police will easily find out. Anu pushes her down saying if only she will have to work or will Keya do something. Devika worries for Atharva. Imlie assures that they need not worry as god’s and mother’s blessings are with Atharva. Anu and Akash carry a body wrapped in a mattress and leave in a car. Devika cries. Imlie says it’s Keya and not Atharva as they body was smaller and was wearing Keya’s sandals. Devika cries that Anu killed even Keya. Imlie says Keya is alive and she saw her peeping from the van.

Precap: Ranas search for Artharva. Devimaa’s veil falls on the floor. Imlie asks Ranas to dig the ground and they find Atharva.

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