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Devika asks Imlie if Anu killed even Keya. Imlie says Keya is alive and its part of Anu’s plan. Devika asks where is Atharva then. Anu drives car. Keya and Akash praise her plan and say Ranas will never search for Atharva inside the house. Anu says poor junior Ken died and by the time senior Ken finds out, she will sell the house to her and fly far away. Ranas search for Atharva. Imlie prays Seeta maiya for help. Seeta maiya’s veil falls on a carpet. Imlie senses maiya’s signal and asks family to dig the ground soon. Manish and Rudra dig the ground, and they find Atharva inside. They get Atharva out and save him on time. Atharva takes a deep breath. Imlie apologizes for reaching him late. Atharva thanks her for coming and says he can’t walk a step without her, then how could he go far away without her. They both hug each other emotionally. Ranas get emotional seeing their love. Atharva says Anu will return any time, so they need to hurry up.

Anu returns with Akash and Keya. Keya tells Akash that if she doesn’t sleep, she will get dark circles tomorrow. Anu thinks junior Ken is not bothered about sleep now, let senior Ken buy this house and pay him before he learns about his son’s death. Senior Ken walks in searching for his son. Anu says he must have gone to club or busy with something, so why don’t he sign a deal. Ken says deal can’t be signed as power of attorney is with his son. He walks away searching for his sheikhu again. Anu thinks now deal won’t be finalized and she has to live in this house with a dead body.

At night, lights flicker. Anu shouts at servants to check. She notices Ken’s ghost and runs. Atharva bumps on her and says he came to meet his family for 5 minutes. Anu say she can stay here forever and asks him to save her from Ken’s ghost. Rudra acts as Ken’s ghost. Ranas hope Anu doesn’t identify Rudra. They all gather around Anu and say there is no one here. Atharva says she is imagining ghost due to her sins. Ken walks towards her. Anu runs and bumps on Ken’s dead body. Ken says he will inform police that she killed him. Anu continues to panic. Keya and Akash walk to her. She says Ken’s ghost is threatening her. They refuse to believe her. She asks Akash to dig a ground. Akash digs and they don’t find Ken’s dead body. Anu shouts she told Ken’s ghost is threatening her.

Imlie calls police and asks inspector to arrest Anu for killing junior Ken. Akash and Keya say they are not part of Anu’s plan. Senior Ken asks if she killed his sheikhu and buried his dead body in her house. Anu shouts it’s not her house, she tricked Ranas and snatched their house. Junior Ken walks in and reveals his identity. Anu shouts at him. Senior Ken also reveals his identity. Imlie asks inspector to arrest Anu.

Precap: Anu shouts that Ranas played a game with her. Imlie says she played a dirty game with them and they snatched their house back from her. Anu picks inspector’s gun and shoots at Imlie.

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