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Senior and junior Mr Ken reveal their true identity. Anu shouts Ranas played a game with her. Imlie says she was playing dirty game with them, but Seeta maiya is a big player and they got back their house and Anu will go to jail. Inspector arrests Anu. Anu shouts she will not accept defeat from a servant’s daughter, snatches inspector’s gun, and points it at herself. Ranas plead her to drop the gun. Gun says she would rather die than accepting defeat by a servant and shoots herself. Imlie is shocked to see that and gets into labor pain. Atharva rushes her to hospital. Inspector calls ambulance to shift Anu to a hospital. Rudra offers to shift Anu to hospital in his car.

At the hospital, Atharva panics seeing Imlie in labor pain. Doctor says it may take time for her delivery and asks Atharva to wait outside. Atharva holds Imlie’s hand and refuses to leave. He collapses. Doctor checks Anu and informs inspector that the bullet hit her ear and escaped, she is fine and can be discharged in 2-3 days. Inspector asks constable to guard Anu till she gets well. Doctor sprinklex water on Atharva and asks family to relax as she is anxious like many fathers. Family leaves, leaving Imlie and Atharva alone. They both talk emotionally about the issues they faced recently. Atharva promises Imlie to be with her always and handle her. Imlie asks if he will not collapse again. Atharva says no.

Kairi walks in and asks Imlie if it’s paining. Imlie says no. Kairi says she is 5 years old and has brought Seeta mamma’s idol for her. She keeps idol and prays god to protect her mamma and sibling. Anu wakes up and recalls she purposefully shot her ear to escape arrest. She thinks everyone thought she attempted suicide, but her plan is to murder Imlie’s happiness; she planned to destroy Imlie for months, but Imlie failed her plan; she will not spare Imlie now.

Doctor informs Atharva that Imlie is in shock and delaying her delivery, its bad for her and her baby, so they shall perform her C-section. Atharva agrees. Doctor says she needs Imlie’s ultrasound report. Atharva leaves for home to bring reports. Doctors shift Imlie to a labor room. Imlie notices Anu grinning in her room. Atharva drives towards home and prays god to protect Imlie and her baby. Shivani and Devika walk into Anu’s room. Anu asks if they came to taunt her. They say their family doesn’t think bad for anyone and pray god to give her some conscience. Anu thinks god gave her a second chance to destroy Rana family.

Atharva reaches home and is shocked to see the house burning. He rushes in to get Imlie’s reports. Ranas learn about it and fear for Atharva. Keya tells Akash their support for Anu went in vain, they are also losing their house now. They walk to Anu and ask why did she burn the house. Anu asks them to stop their drama and get out. Atharva gets stuck in fire.

Precap: Imlie finds her baby missing. Inspector informs that many other babies are missing and it’s a big racket. Imlie determines to find her baby at any cost.

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