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Atharva gets stuck in fire when he goes to get Imlie’s reports from Rana house. Keya and Akash get out of Anu’s hospital room acting as crying and ask Devika if he got Atharva’s information. She nods no. Akash apologizes her and cries lying on her lap. Devika forgives them both. Imlie writhes in labor pain while doctor tries to manage her. Devika and Shivani rush to Imlie. Imlie asks about Atharva. Shivani says she need not worry as he must be coming. Atharva thinks he can’t accept defeat and tries to walk further in. He collapses due to suffocation. Fire brigade team reaches to set off fire. Rudra tries to get into house to save Atharva. Fire fighters stop him and search for Atharva inside the house. They don’t hear Atharva and consider no one in the house. Officer sends them in again. Athharva regains consciousness and lies on family photo.

Doctor waits for Imlie’s reports. Nurse informs her that she saw in the news that her house is burnt. Doctor rushes Imlie to OT. Wardboy loosens Imlie’s stretcher wheel bolt on Anu’s order. Doctors and family rushes Imlie towards OT when the wheel breaks off. Keya and Akash hold it and say they will not let anythig happen to Imlie. They apologize Imlie for their heinous act and Imlie forgives them. They lift stretcher and run towards OT. Atharva struggles to stand up. Firefighters return and inform Rudra that he they searched whole house and couldn’t find Atharva inside, it’s difficult for anyone to survive in such a fire. Rudra breaks down.

A patient blocks Imlie’s stretcher. Imlie watches news about Rana house fire accident and Atharva getting stuck in it. Atharva imagines Imlie encouraging him to get up and walk out for her and their children. Atharva gains courage and stands up. He keeps family’s photo in temple and prays god to protect his family. He then ties devimaa’s veil on his head, covers himself in a blanket, and walks out. Rudra and Manish run and hold him.

At night, doctor informs Devika that Imlie still hasn’t regained consciousness, but they are trying their best. Devika cries for Atharva. Anu grins looking at Ranas and thinks she destroyed Imlie’s family and now she will finish even her. Doctor gives injection to Imlie saying if Imlie doesn’t regain consciousness, both her and her baby are at risk. Imlie dreams about Atharva waking her up and opens eyes. Doctor welcomes her back and asks if she is ready to bring the baby in the world. Imlie nods yes. Doctor starts the procedure.

Precap: Imlie finds her baby missing. Inspector informs that many other babies are missing and it’s a big racket. Imlie determines to find her baby at any cost.

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