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Atharva searches for his baby and finds Anu sitting injured in the corridor. He asks her where is his baby. Ranas learn about the news. Imlie gets out of the postpartum room searching for her baby. Doctor stops her and says her stitches will loosen if she runs around. Imlie says her baby is missing. Security officer Mishraji alerts his team and orders them to seal all the entrances and exits. Ranas question Anu. Anu says someone injured her and took baby away. Imlie notices a man running away with a baby and says Anu is telling truth as she man running away with her baby. Divya asks how does she know it’s her baby. Imlie says she can sense her baby like she sensed Kairi after her birth. Ranas take her back to her postpartum room.

Man hides and asks his friend to meet him at the back gate and take baby from him as security is very tight. Friend takes baby from him. Imlie notices a man disguised as a nurse carrying a laundry trolley and gets suspicious on him. She follows the man thinking he will get alert if she informs anyone. Man enters Mishraji’s cabin. Mishraji scolds him for kidnapping his family friend Rudra Rana’s grandchild. Man says if they are successful in selling the baby, they will earn in dollars. Rudra walks in and asks Mishraji how can his grandchild go missing from his hospital. Mishraji assures him that his grandchild will be found.

Imlie continues to search for the nurse. Atharva stops him and tries to convince her to rest. Imlie delivers heavy dialogues about motherhood. Shivani heads towards home. Devika gives her Imlie’s dirty clothes in a basket for washing. Shivani heads towards the main door. Nurse bumps on her and hides baby in the basket. Shivani thinks why the basket looks so heavy. Police reaches and informs Ranas that many other babies are missing and it’s a kidnapping racket. Mishra deletes all the messages related to Imlie’s baby’s kidnapping and tries to burn baby’s pic. He gets an electric shock and shouts. They all rush to his cabin and find a baby’s pic on floor. Devika checks and says baby looks exactly like Imlie and even Imlie’s name band is no the baby’s wrist. Inspector questions why he is carrying Imlie’s baby’s photo. Mishra lies that they preserve baby photos as part of their hospital protocol. Inspector asks him to show other baby pics. Mishra gets tensed. Inspector holds Mishra’s collar and threatens him to tell the truth. Mishra lies that he found this pic in a wardboy’s hand who pushed him away and took Imlie’s baby away, they should catch him before he sells the baby.

Shivani clears security check and gets out of hospital. She tries to open the basket and check why it’s heavy. Wardboy snatches basket from her and runs away. Atharva and Imlie rush to her help. Shivani informs that a wardboy snatched Imlie’s dirty clothes bag and ran away. Imlie says he had hidden her baby in it.

Precap: Devika points a knife at Mishra and asks ward boy’s name. Mishra say Sattu. Atharva and Imlie search for Sattu and find him at a dhaba.

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