Imlie 29th August 2023 Written Episode Update:

Imlie 29th August 2023 Written Update on

Atharva looks for his baby and finds Anu hurt in the hallway.
He asks Anu where his baby is.
Ranas get to know about the situation.
Imlie leaves her room after childbirth to find her baby.
The doctor tells Imlie not to run due to her stitches.
Imlie tells the doctor her baby is missing.
Security officer Mishraji instructs his team to secure all entrances.
Ranas question Anu about what happened.
Anu explains that someone hurt her and took the baby.
Imlie spots a man carrying her baby and believes Anu’s story.
Divya asks how Imlie recognizes her baby.
Imlie explains that she can feel her baby, just like she did with Kairi.
The Ranas take Imlie back to her room.
A man plans to meet his friend to hand over the baby.
Imlie becomes suspicious of a nurse and follows him.
The man enters Mishraji’s office, revealing their plot.
Rudra questions Mishraji about the baby’s disappearance.
Imlie continues searching despite Atharva’s advice.
Shivani unknowingly carries the hidden baby out of the hospital.
The police inform the Ranas about a baby kidnapping racket.
Mishraji tries to cover up evidence of the kidnapping.
Mishraji’s lies are exposed by the police.
Shivani realizes the baby is in the basket she carries.
Atharva and Imlie rush to help Shivani.
Shivani reveals the wardboy took the baby.
Devika confronts Mishra with a knife for answers.
Mishra reveals the wardboy’s name is Sattu.
Atharva and Imlie find Sattu at a dhaba.

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