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Devika excitedly makes arrangements for Imlie’s baby’s naming ceremony. Rudra goes to bring baby. Anu looks at the baby bangles, walks to panditji covering her face with gift boxes, and asks Panditji if he needs any help. Panditji asks her to bring gangajal. Anu asks him to give even bangles for cleaning. Panditji gives bangles and asks who is she. Anu says she is baby’s nani/grandmother and walks away. Family sits for pooja. Panditji asks shall they start pooja and asks where is baby’s grandmother. Devika says she is baby’s daadi/grandmother and seeing bangles missing asks Panditji. Panditji says he gave it to baby’s grandmother. Devika says none of them took bangles. Rudra notices bangles and gangajal kalash/pot on a table. Divya says she kept pot on the table and forgot to fill gangajal in it. Devika tells Panditji that Divya is also baby’s daadi. Panditji says he gave bangles to baby’s naani. Devika says he must have got confused. Anu thinks there is no confusion and recalls how Divya took gift boxes from her and she kept bangles and kalash on pot. She thinks she is here with a much bigger motto now.

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