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Scene 1
Jordan shows his mehndi with I and J written on his palms with heart. He says I for Ilahi and J for Jahan. Dolly says that’s cute. She dances with Jahan. Husna takes Ilahi on side. rasika says oh God the mehndi guy wrote Jordan instead of Jahan on Ilahi’s hand. Bebe and Bau ji ask him how could you do that? Jordan says to the man are you drunk? He says it can’t be rmoved, I made a mistake. Jordan says get out of here. Jordan paid the man to do so. Dolly cries and says this is really bad omen. Ilahi says if I remove it there will be no bad omen. Dolly says mehndi doesn’t clean quickly. Ilahi says I will make sure it does. Dolly cries and says there is always a hindrance in Jahan’s blessings. Ilahi comes and says there will no hindrance this time. She has removed the name. Dolly hugs her. She says I was so worried. She says call the mehdni girl. She will write Jahan’s name.

The event continues. Dolly meets her pandit. She says you have to get my son and DIL married. I know with your blessings they will be together forever.

Scene 2
Jahan applies medicine on Ilahi’s hand. Ilahi saks what to do now? He says I will speak to the pandit. Jordan comes with Dolly and says bride and groom can’t meet before the wedding. Dolly says but mama.. She says Ilahi wil sleep with me. Jordan says I will sleep with my brother. Jahan texts Ilahi to come to his room he has a plan. ilahi comes to Jahan’s room. He’s dressed as a sardar. Ilahi asks what’s all this? He says I’ve to stop Shastri ji from coming here. Jordan goes downstairs. Jahan and Ilahi sit in a rickshaw. They’re disguised. Jordan looks at them. He says this girl. She can’t be Ilahi, she was with Dolly. Jahan says we’ve to come back home. Jahan says I have a plan.

Jahan comes home and sees a paranda. It’s the same on he saw in rickshaw. He says that was Ilahi. Jahan and Ilahi come to Shastri’s house. He asks who are you? Jahan says I am Satvir’s son. Ilahi says we wanted to meet you. He says Mahesh isn’t well. You should go to village. He gets worried. Jahan says we can drop you. Dolly wakes up. Jordan asks where is Ilahi? He moves the blanket and it’s all pillows. Shastri sits in the bus and leaves. Ilahi hugs Jahan and says thank you. She says sorry. He says it’s okay. Jordan says Ilahi and Jahan aren’t home. Jordan says call her. Jahan’s phone rings in guestroom. Bau jii says he’s sleeping there. Jordna says where is Ialhi then? Ilahi is in the kitchen. Dolly comes there. She says I was preparing for the pooja. I left the pillows so mama doesn’t get worried. Jordan asks Ilahi where did you go? She says don’t you dare to touch me. She says I dont’ need to tell you anything. He says I can’t tolerate this. She says I can’t tolerate you. Jordan says you both are planning something. She says find out yourself.

Scene 3
The wedding day starts. Ilahi gets ready.

Episode ends

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