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Scene 1
Jordan comes to Ilahi and says came here to get bangles? You dont’ live with your husband so I am sure you’re not getting it for him. You live with your dad. Who are you getting it for? He drags her. Mahip laughs. She says Mr. Jahan, the game reversed. You know Jordan’s anger issues. What if she slaps her again? Go and save your beloved. Ilahi fights back with Jordan. She says leave my hand. Jahan comes out of the car. Ilahi says what do you want to do? You think you can scare me like this? You’ve done enough drama. No. It’s done. I am not scared of you. If you thinking raising hand on a woman makes you hero, you’re a zero. Jordan Mehta you’re a zero. Jordan is about to slap her. Ilahi holds his hand and shoves him. she says not anymore. If you dare to touch me again, you will see a woman’s face that will shiver your soul. She asks a woman if a husband leaves his wife in a jungle to die, if he slaps her in market and hits her father as well. Should I live with such a man? is it his right to slap his wife? All women say he’s a disgusting woman. No girl should live with him. Ilahi says thank you for making my divorce case strong and getting me witnesses as well. People protest against Jordan and say shame on you. They all say we should hit him with slippers. Jahan smmiles. Jordan runs from there. People claps for Ilahi. Jahan also claps in the crowd. Husna says well done my tigress. You did a wonder, he’s running and hiding his face.

Mahip comes out in anger. Jahan says where are you going? We’ve to go somewhere else. She says where? He says where people are waiting for your apology. She says I am not going anywhere. Jahan says you said it. She says you blackmailed me. I did it to save my son. She says I’ve no clue about that scam. Ask Inder, I’ve nothing to do with it. Excuse me. Inder stops her and says enough Mahip. Tina is on video call. Inder says did you hear Tina? She says yes dad. Inder says bebe bau ji did too? She says yes dad. Bebe says we heard everything. I can’t believe Mahip could stoop so low. She broke my family. She has no conscience. I can’t wait to meet my Dolly and Baljeet. Bau ji says I wanna apologize to them. I didn’t trust my son. they cry. Inder says come to the temple. We’re going there. Jordan says you made a joke out of me today. I will do the same today.

Scene 2
Baljeet and Dolly are at the temple. BAljeet says Jahan said if you listen to shabad you will feel better. He’s a diamond. But where is he? He said he will be here by five. Bebe Bau ji come there and says Baljeet.. He’s shocked. Jahan also comes there, he touches Bebe’s feet. They hug him. Baljeet is in shock. He hugs Bebe and Bau ji and cries. Bau ji says forgive me son. We made a huge mistake. Bebe says it wasn’t your fault and you were punished all your life. Mahip comes there, she says I am very sorry Baljeet. What I did was wrong. I want to apologize to you and Dolly. Bau ji says they both did it. They deserve to go to jail. I am calling police. Bebe says no please.

Scene 3
Amar says how dare he. Let me call policce. Ilahi says no it’d trouble his family. Husna says you should have been there. She was so brave. Ilahi shows him the contract of the wedding. Ilahi says they are paying 2 lacs. He says I also arranged 2 lacs. Biji says he sold his gold chain. Husna says I also have 50k. Amar says no no. She says it’s loan, not gift. ilahi says I spoke to Dharam aslo he’s also sending 75k. Biji says still 475k is left. Ilahi says we still have 2 more days. I will not let them take our house.

Bebe says I am getting one son back and other will go to jail now. Baljeet says no Bau ji don’t do this. Past is gone, I found my parents back. That’s all I wanted. Inder and Mahiip also apologized. Bau ji says did you forgive me? Baljeet says yes. Bau ji says then let’s go home with us. Bebe says Dolly will you go home with us? Will you live with me. Baljeet says I will go home but on condition that you will forgive Inder and Mahip and not punish them. inder cries. Bau ji hugs Inder and Baljeet. Jahan sayss to Doly we are going back home.

Ilahi says I am so happy i won’t have to go back to Jordan. Pandit ji’s prediction was fake, I won’t go back to that house ever. Lucky gives them prasad. Ilahi and Husna eat, Jahan also eats it. They both thank God.

Scene 3
Jahan comes to Mehta hhouse with his family. Baljeet gets emotional. Bebe does their welcome with arti. They welcome them back in. Inder calls band baja. They all dance and celebrate. Bebe says our family is together, I wish Ilahi was also here. Rasika says to Harsh how will Jordan react to this? We know he hates Jahan. Jordan comes home. He says all this decoration? What’s happening? He sees Jahan dancing. He shouts stop all this. He grabs Jahan’s collar and says it’s my home. How dare you come here? Jordan hits Jahaan. Jahan shoves him on the floor.

Episode ends

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