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Scene 1
Jordan hits Jahan and says how dare you come to my home. Tell me. Jahan shoves him on the floor and syas if you touch me agaiin I will break your hands. Inder says what are you doing jordan. He’s your brother, Baljeet uncle’s son. He will live here from now. Jordan says he can’t live here, he’s not my brother. Mahip says Inder is right, we will all live together with us. Jordaan says no they can’t live here. Mahip says come with me. She takes Jordan from there. Jahan says in heart I got my parents their respect back now it’s Jordan’s turn. He’s to pay for all of Ilahi’s tears.

Ilahi meets the manager. She says if there is any problem in the performance you will have to return the advance as well. Ilahi says it will be perfect. Jordan says to Mahip has dad lost it? How can he let Jahan live here? Mahip says I am helpless. I can’t do anything, this is Bebe and bau ji’s decision. Inder played a game with me, he betrayed me. I will see how long they stay here. We have to be wise. Please calm down. Jordan says I can’t let that happen. Jordan goes downstairs and shouts. He says Jahan can’t stay here. He’s my wife’s ex-lover. He knows Ilahi lives here. That’s why he came here. Inder says shut up. Jahan says Ilahi lives here? Really? Call her. He says I know Ilahi has leftyou. If I knew she’s here I won’t come here. Jordan says she will be back here soon. Jahan says Ilahi is gone, accept it. You slapped her in the market. Jordan hits Jahan. Bau ji stops him. He says is this your manners? You are brothers, don’t fight like animals. Dolly is coma. She needs peace to recover. Baljeet says Bau ji if us being here ruins the peace of this house we will leave. Bebe says no. Baljeet says I shouldn’t have come here. She says I won’t let you, Dolly and jahan go anywhere. Bau ji orders Jahan and jordan to hug. They hug each other. Jahan says I will make your life hell. Jahan says I’ve 23 years experience of living in hell. Think about yyourself.

Scene 2
Ilahi gets location for the wedding. Husna says everything will be fine. The nurse leaves. Bebe says I will take care of my Dolly. Bebe says Baljeet I used to sit in this room and pray for you to come back. Bau ji says we can’t sleep tonight. Mahip says to Jordan he’s very smart. We’ve to be proactive.

Ilahi says my parents started their career with weddings. If I sing well today I can get more contracts. Amar gives her yogurt and sugar. She tells him the venue.

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