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Scene 1
Jordan throws away the locket and says end this drama. She’s not your DIL. She’s my wife, Ilahi Jordan Mehta. she’s my mom’s DIL. Dolly is shocked. She’s about to faint. Jahan looks at him in anger. Bau ji says be quiet Jordan. He says why should I be silent? I’ve been seen this drama. No one is saying anything. She should know the truth. She’s my wife, she’s trying to make her Jahan’s wife. Dolly faints. Jahan holds her and says mama.. Inder says call the doctor. The doctor checks Dolly. Jahan cries and says will mama be okay? She came out of coma after 4 months. Inder slaps Jordan and says do you have any shame and mind? Did you see he condition? She came out of coma after 4 months. She didn’t know you married her son’s fiance by deciet. Jordan says I didn’t do anything. I didn’t fool anyyone. I love Ilahi, I married her in front of everyone didn’t run away with her. I saved her family’s name. Bau ji says stop it. You didn’t save anyone. We’ve seen how much respect you gave her. Bebe says we could speak to Dolly and make her understand slowly. Couldn’t you stay silent? Jordan says everyone was silent. no one said anything. Mahip says Jordi please calm down.

Jahan and Baljeet come out. Jahan is crying. Ilahi looks at him. Baljeet says he couldn’t stop crying so doctor asked him to go out. Jahan hits Jordan and says if anything happens to my mom I will kill you. Bau ji asks them to stop. The doctor comes out. He says she’s stable. Let her stay home, she will be fine. Jahan rushes to Dolly. Amar says we should go. Thank God dolly is okay. They leave. Ilahi meets everyone and leaves. Jahan cries with Dolly. Seerat says you have to be brave Jahan. She says aunty is out of coma. Baljeet says let’s talk to the doctor. The doctor says her mind can’t take any stress. She can’t take such big shocked. Bebe says what should we do? He says you’ve to treat her like a child. Just agrere to what she says. Don’t say anything that can hurt her, she can lose her life. Everyone gets shocked.

Scene 2
Ilahi thinks about what Dolly said. Amar comes to her. He says are you okay? He says why was Dolly calling you her DIL? Ilahi says I used to talk to her on video call. She met an accident. She doesn’t know anything after that. Jahan says mama doesn’t remember anything after accident. Baljeet says she always called Ilahi her DIL. jahan says she got up from coma after 4 months, she doesn’t know what happened in 4 months. Amar says so she thinks you and Jahan are married? Ilahi says do you also think Jahan left the wedding because of his parent’s accident? Yes, that’s what happened. Amar says you are right. It’s my fault I didn’t wait for him, I didn’t listen to you either. I didn’t try to find out the truth. I feel bad for Jahan. He was wronged, so much happened with him. He says I am glad their family got together.

Ilahi gets a call from Tina. Tina tells her doctor said Dolly can die if she gets another shock. Ilahi cries. Amar says that won’t happen. Relax. She will be fine. Ilahi prays for Dolly.

Scene 3
Everyone is worried for Dolly. Bebe comes from the temple. Bau ji says Dolly should get no more shocks. Inder says what will we say when she asks about Ilahi? Jordan throws the football. He says oops I am sorry, I went to play football. I came up with an idea. I thought about what you all said. Then I thought you are all right. We should bring Ilahi back to this house, Dolly will also slowly find out whose wife and DIL she is. Bau ji says wow, why do you even use your mind. You are so selfish. Inder says do you always think about yourself. Mahip says why do you all always blame him? He’s not wrong. jahan says if anything happens to my mom because of you, I will.. Jordan says you will?

Dolly comes out crying. She says Jahan where is Ilahi? Jahan says mama please rest. She says where is Ilahi? Call her. Jahan says she’s gone to her dad’s place. Dolly says she was talking to me. Baljeet says she went with Amar. Dolly call her and ask her to come please. I miss her, I didn’tvene give her shagun. Jahan takes her inside. Baljeet cries, he says I don’t know how to handle Dolly. How do I bring Ilahi back here as Jahan’s wife?> He cries.

Ilahi is at the temple. She prays for Dolly. Baljeet cries. Bau ji says don’t worry. We will do something. Tina says but what? Varun says she’s only taking Ilahi’s name. Jahan says I will do whatever it takes to recover my mom.. I can’t lose her again even if I’ve to bring Ilahi here again. Ilahi prays for Dolly.

Scene 4
Ilahi opens the door. It’s Jahan. Ilahi is shocked. She says Jahan is Dolly okay? Jahan says can I come in? Ilahi agrees. She asks him to sit. Jahan says can you call daddy ji and everyone else? Amar says you here? Jahan says I promised you I will never come in front of Ilahi. But circumstances made me do this. I am very sorry. I have to break this promise for my mom’s life. He says I’ve no right to ask you for anything. I am sorry that I came here. I am helpless. Amar asks what is it? Jahan says I will say it and you can make your decision. Please try to understand with a cool mind. He says we go to temples and mosques to pray, I came here. What God can’t do today, Ilahi can. Amar says what do you mean? Jahan sits in his feet and cries. He says please save my mom. please. Amar says don’t do this. Jahan says Ilahi only you can save my mom. Amar asks how can Ilahi save her? Jahan says by going to that house. Amar is shocked. He says by being their DIL. Jahan says Ilahi it’s for a few days only. You’ve to live in that house and pretend that you are her DIL. Ilahi is shocked.

Episode ends

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