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Scene 1
Jahan says she still thinks you and I are married you’re her DIL. For a few days you have to pretend that you are her DIL. Ilahi and Amar are shocked. Jordan says have you all gone craz? Ilahi is my wife. She can’t come to this house as someone else’s wife. Inder says try to understand. he says I am trying to stop my wife from divorcing me and yyou all want her here as her ex-lover’s wife. What is this? Mahip says he’s right, this is crazy. Jordan says she will only come here as my wife. This isn’t okay. Do you guys have no shame? What are you all thinking? Bau ji says you see the dirt in your mind everywhere. See the good intention behind it. Jahan says Ilahi please. Biji shoves him and says what is this drama? Is this our movie? our daughter isn’t a toy. She wont’ be changing her husbands like that. He’s the same guy who ran away from the wedding. Get out of here. Jahan says please listen.. She asks Happy to kick her out. Happy drags him out. Amar shouts and says stop him. Biji says no kick him out. Amar says stop it. He says let me talk. Happy says but.. Amar says shut up. Amar says you left her that day, I married her to Jordan for her happiness. But he slapped her and gave her so much pain. Where do I go? You leave her, he abuses her.

Jahan says I know I made a huge mistake. I tried a lot to talk to you guys and explain you everything. but circumstances didn’t let me. But how is that my mom’s fault? He sits in Amar’s feet and says please uncle. Please I beg you save my mom. He sits in Ilahi’s feet. He says once my mom gets stable, you can come back. Ilahi says please Jahan, I got myself free from the cage after so much dificulty, you want me to go back to that house. I care for Dolly aunty but I can’t be a part of this lie. Jahan says a lie that saves a life is more important than truth. He says Ilahi please save my mom. It’s for a few ays only. I will tell her the truth. Amar says she said she wont’ go. Go from here. Jahan says please.. Amar shoves him and says go. Jahan walks back. Jahan walks out of the house. He recalls wha the doctor said and cries. Ilahi goes to her room crying. Ginni says the pandit ji said she will go back to the house.

Bau ji says enough. This is my house. I will decide who live here. I will do whatever is important for Dolly’s life. It’s her treatment. If you have a problem with that you can leave this house. Jahan comes and says no one would have to go. Baljeet asks what did Ilahi say? Jahan says she didn’t agree. Jordan and Mahip smile. Jordan says wow Ilahi. A true wife, she loves me so much. She won’t do anything wrong. She is a true wife. So proud of her. Inder says what will we do now when Dolly asks her about Ilahi? Jahan says we will have to tell her the truth.

Scene 2
Ilahi thinks about what Jahan said. Jahna sits with Dolly and cries.

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