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Scene 1
Dolly asks where is your mangalsutra? Ilahi says it broke. Dolly says it’s okay, I will make a new one for you. Jahan and Baljeet come there. Jahan says mama why did you come here? Dolly shoves him and says stay away from me. Don’t call me your mom. Did you hit your wife? Is that how I brought you up? Jahan says do you really think I can do that to any girl let alone Ilahi? Don’t question your upbringing. she says promise me you will never bother her. Jahan says I woould never. She says apologize to her. Jahan says I am sorry Ilahi. Dolly says I want to see you smiling only Ilahi. Please forgive him. Bau ji says let’s go home Dolly. Bebe is constantly crying. Dolly says let’s go Ilahi. Ilahi says I would come but you have to go and rest for now. Dolly you said you will come with me. Baljeet says she will come. Dolly says you are all hiding something for me. I came her barefeet, I knew something was wrong. My Ilahi isn’t home and no one cares. She panics and says what are you hiding. Dolly faints. Everyone gets worried. Jahan picks her and they take her to the car. Ilahi looks out, Jahan looks at her. Ilahi looks away. Ilahi cries in her room.

The doctor checks Dolly. He says she shouldn’t get any shock. I’ve given her meds. Jahan cries and says mama I can’t lose you again.

Scene 2
Dolly gets breakfast ready. Jahan says what are you doing? You should rest. Dolly says I got so much made for Ilahi. will she like it? What else does she like? Jahan says this fine. You eat first. She says I will only eat with Ilahi. Call her, she said she will come tomorrow. Bebe says her Biji isn’t well. Dolly says she was all okay yesterday. Jahan say Ilahi only said yes to make her feel better. She wont’ come, how do I tell her. jordan says I will tell her the truth and end this drama. He says chachi it all smells so good, looks like you made really good breakfast. Let me taste and tell you how it is. She says let Ilahi come, we will all eat together. Jordan says she won’t come. Everyone is shocked. Jordan says Ilahi won’t come. Ilahi sings the shabad. Everyone is shocked. dolly says that’s Ilahi’s voice. They all go out, Ilahi serves food to poor kids in the garden. Dolly says Ilahi? She hugs her. Jordan is shocked. Jahan says thank you Ilahi. Dolly says you made me wait so much where were you? Ilahi says I went to temple to pray for you. She gives her prasad. She says I saw these kids there. Ilahi asks the kids to go home. Bau ji asks driver to drop them home and get them toy. Dolly takes Ilahi inside. Mahip and Jordan are shocked. ahan cries.

Dolly makes Ilahi eat breakfast. She says do you like itt? Ilahi says yes. She asks Jahan to sit with Ilahi. Ilahi says mama you sit here, I want to make you eat. Dolly says no you sit here. Jordan breaks a plate. Everyone is shocked. He leaves in anger. Dolly asks what happened to him? Mahip says he is upset for something. He will be fine. Jordan takes out his gun. He says if Ilahi came to this house as anything but my wife I won’t leave her. I will kill her and Jahan today. Mahip sees Jordan with the gun. She goes upstairs. No one else notices. Mahip stops Jordan and takes him back to his room. Ilahi asks Dolly to rest. She says I wanna be with you. Ilahi says please mama, rest. I will be there. Jahan says thank you to Ilahi. Bebe says god had to unite them.

Mahip says Jordi have you lost your mind? Leave it. He says mama let me go. She says shoot me first. Bau ji says Ilahi we’re glad you came back. Bebe says I don’t know how to thank you. Ilahi says I did all that for Dolly aunty. I want her to recover. Mahip puts the gun on her head. Jordan throws it. Everyone hears the noise of gunshot. Inder says there are fields behind the house, must be air gun. Mahip says Jordan please calm down. We’ve to use our mind. You think I gave up? I don’t lose. I stepped back like a lion and I will wait for the right time to attack. She says we’ve to wait for our chance. we’ve to do something that no one doubts us. Mahip says where is your wedding album? they smile.

Scene 3
Inder says to Mahip control your son. I won’t tolerate his behavior anymore. This is my house. Mahip says this isn’t your house only. I’ve shed blood and tears on this house. Don’t forget you also did the fraud but you made me the culprit. You’ve drowning in your brother’s love. You made Jordan evil as well. I am standing with my son and I don’t lose. Ilahi calls Amar. She says don’t worry. Amar says Jordan is in the same house as well. I am scared for you. He says you said you wanna go for Dolly. I didn’t say no but you’ve to come back home at night. Ilahi turns back.. Jordan is there. He says you should get an Oscar. What an acting, mummy ji sit here. Eat with me. You’re doing all this for your ex-lover. Ilahi says your cheap words don’t affect me and I am not scared of you. Move away now. Jordan says wow, you and I are still husband and wife. We are not divorced yet. Ilahi says then give me divorce. He laughs and says you will always be mine. He says I will get a new mangalsutra everytime you break one. What I decide will happen. Ilahi says don’t even think about it. Jahan is coming there. Ilahi says I have burried this marriage. Jordan says then I can bury your reason to come here as well. I can go and tell Dolly, your dearest mama who are you got married to. He has the wedding album.

Episode ends

Precap-Jordan says I thought I should sit with you and talk and show you this album as well. Dolly says it must be Ilahi and Jahan’s wedding album? Show me. She gets excited. Jahan and Ilahi come there.

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