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Scene 1
Amar says what do you want? Jordan says says Ilahi. Ilahi comes out, she is shocked. she says what did he do? Let me call the police. He says relax, I don’t have bulldozer or gun. Ilahi says why did you come here then? He says to give you an information. You are helping my Dolly chachi, I thought your good deed shouldn’t have a hindrance. He says if Dolly dies her son is gonna give me curses. He says your mama is waiting for you. Let’s go. Ilahi says you can’t fool me. I am not scared of yyour drama. I wont’ take my divroce case back. He says for now I want my Dolly chachi to get better. After that we can sit and talk. You have to be her DIL then. He says Ilahi does such good acting. Her mama has no doubts. But I have doubts. I feel like she’s doing this to live her dreams of being with Jahan. He laughs and says I was joking. Relax. Jordan brings in a huge poster. He says I amd doing all this for my chachi. He picks a knife. Everyone gets scared. Jordan says don’t worry I won’t repeat it. He opens the poster. It has a photo on Jahan and Ilahi’s engagement.

Dolly wakes up and asks where Ilahi? Jahan says she went to the temple. Let me call her. Jahan wonders if Ilahi would even come. Amar says what joke is this? Jordan says joke? This is Dolly’s treatment. You’re doubting my genuine offers for my chachi? I am doing all this for her. there are no pictures of Jahan and Ilahi in that house. Dolly can question that. So I got this frame. this is called love and care. I’ve to go home. Dolly must be waiting for Ilahi. Let’s go Ilahi. We will choose the wall we’d put this frame on. He leaves. Amar gets angry. Husna says he’s planning something. Ilahi says I’ve to go there before he does something.

Scene 2
The doctor checks Dolly and says she’s imrpoved a lot. She says I’ve to make breakfast. Doctor says you need to rest. She says this improvement is because of my DIL and son. Jahan says yo need to rest. Bebe says we will handle the breakfast.
Ilahi comes out and takes the auto. She ignores Jordan. He says no worries, you’re coming to the same home. Jordan goes home and says to Jahan who are you texting? Ilahi must be on he rway relax. Ilahi comes with Lucky. Jordan says Ilahi such a hurry? He says how is the poster? Where to put it? Everyone is shocked. Jordan says it’d look good on that wall. He asks the servant to bring a ladder. Rasika says what is he doing. Jahan wonders what is he planning. He puts the painting on the wall and says amazing right? Why are you all so stunned? You all must be thinking I was so upset, how am I normal now? Baba ji came to my dream. He said if anything happens to Dolly yyou will all curse me so I got scared. Then I was feeling sympathy for my lost brother. Jahan says what drama is this Jordan? He says I am scared of curses. So for my dear Dolly chachi, I decided that I will lend my wife to Jahan. But don’t think it’s your propety, it’s just loan. Temporary only. Jahan says stay in your limit. Jordan says I am helping you and you are asking me to stay in limit. I am giving you my wife and you’re questioning me. I will ask for a payback for this. Jahan says what do you want? Jordan says I will tell you soon.

Dolly comes. Jordan says come please. She says such a pretty photo. He says do you like it? It’s my favorite. She hugs him and says God keep all my kids happy. Jordan says doctor heal my chachi soon. I would be the happiest when she’s okay. I’ve given her my most important thing as a loan. I would get it back. Dolly says what do you mean? Jordan says nothing. He says Ilahi get chachi breakfast. He says to jordan I wrote under the photo Ilahi belongs to me only. So it reminds you of the truth. She’s only mine. Jordan leaves.

Scene 3
Seerat calls Jahan. He says Seerat please handle for today. I’ve this gut feeling Jordan is planning something big. I’ve to take care of it. Dolly says Jahan come here. I’ve not given my DIL any shagun. She gives Jahan her locket and says make Ilahi wear it. Ilahi says it’s not needed. She says it’s shagun. Jahan makes Ilahi wear it. Jordaan looks at them in anger.

Bau jji plays carrom with Lucky. Ilahi gets a call from Mrs. Arora. She asks Ilahi to come to Trivedi hall for a meeting. Jahan gets a text from Jordan to meet him at the same place. Jahan comes to the hall. Ilahi also comes there. Jahan looks around, no one is there. Jahan says what hide and seek are you playing Jordan? come here. Jordan says on mic be patient, you will get your fruit. Ilahi comes upstairs. Jahan says what game are you playing? Ilahi is coming towards the hall. Jordan turns on the spotlight. Jordan says I thought hyou like spotlight. Jahan says come here in front of me. Jordan comes on the stage. Ilahi is looking for the hall.

Episode ends

Precap-Jahan asks Jordan what do you want? He says I want you to show my face as Sultan in your last concert. Jahan says this deal is incomplete. You’ve to release Ilahi from your torture. Sign the divorce papers. Then I will do this deal. Ilahi comes there.

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