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Scene 1
Jahan says what do you want? Jordan says relax, I will tell you. I’ve given you my wife on loan, you have to pay back. Jahan says dont’ waste time. She goes out. Jordan says turn back. Jahan looks back, Jordan is wearing the mask like Sultan. Jahan is shocked. Jordan says Sultan. Jahan is shocked. Ilahi looks for the hall. Jahan says what joke is this? Jordan says you thought I wouldn’t know. My eyes can filter through the masks, Jahan says what do you want? jordan says ladies and gentlemen here is Mrs. Sultan. He plays Sultan’s videos. Jahan is shocked. Jordan says good job. You became a sensation. Jahan says I am not Sultan, I work with him. Jordan says I knew you’d say it. He plays a video from his dressing room. Seerat asked when will you tell Dolly you’re Sultan? He says when the right time comes. He said thank you for always being there for me. Seerat says don’t ashame me. ahan worse the mask. He saw a camera near the door. Seerat took him out. Jordan says you rejected me, you’re Sultan. Jahan says what do you want? Jordan says let me demonstrate.

Jordan does Jahan’s signature. Jahan says what do you want? he says your identity, Sultan’s identity. Jahan is shocked. Jordan says you will take off your mask in 7th concert and show your face right? It’s won’t be Jahan’s face. It would be Jordan Mehta. Jahan is shocked.

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