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Scene 1
Mahip shoves Ilahi. She says oh you got hurt. You better, when you fly you fall. You thought you will insult my son and hurt him and I wont’ do anything. He’s my life and if anyone hurts him they will get it back with interest. Ilahi says I know you’re a businesswoman. But this trade has your loss only. Ask your son to stay out of my way. Teach your son. Mahip shouts. Ilahi says whatever I said was right. He doesn’t have any respect, I will stand for myself. Mahip says you think you will insult him, threaten him with divorce, make everyone go against him and I will sit and watch. Ilahi says you and your son can do whatever you want. But I will take the divorce no matter what. Ilahi picks her things. Mahip tries to put something into her bag.

Scene 2
Jahan tells Seerat. Seerat says how can you do that. You can’t give your identity to Jordan. Baljeet says he’s lost his mind. Seerat says you have done so much hard work, you will give it to Jordan? Don’t forget I worked day and night. Jahan says I am not denying that. Seerat says how can take such a decision. Jahan says two lives are tied with this decision and two people I love the most. What would I do with being Sultan when mama isn’t safe. I had to do this deal so jordan keeps his mind shut. Seerat says who’s the second person? Jahan says Ilahi. He says papa Ilahi has suffered a lot. It wasn’t even her fault. She deserves a good life. I will work hard again. i will get another chance, mama and Ilahi won’t get another chance at life. Seerat cries.

Ilahi comes to the her home. Mahip has put a scorpion in her bag. She puts her hand in the bag. Amar comes there. She goes inside. Dolly sees Jahan’s and Ilahi’s photo falling on the ground. She comes outside their room. She sees Jahan sleeping alone. Dolly looks for Ilahi, she’s nowhere. Dolly wakes up Jahan and asks where is Ilahi? I saw a very bad dream. Jahan says she might have gone to her dad. She goes there sometimes. Dolly asks what are you hiding from me? I know something is wrong.

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