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Scene 1
The reporter says to Dolly Ilahi is JOrdan’s wife. Dolly says Jordan is not even married. Ilahi is my son’s wife. She’s Jahan’s wife. The reporters say this so funny. Whose wife is Ilahi? Mahip introduced Ilahi as Jordans wife and now shes’ Jahan’s wife.Dolly is shocked. She says what does this mean? Ilahi is Jahan’s wife. Not Jordan, what are they saying Ilahi? Ilahi asks her to calm down. Baljeet says they’re lying. Calm down. Jahan is outisde. Dolly says why are they saying that. The reporters ask Ilahi whose wife are you? Jordan asks he’s no idea where Jahan is. He didn’t do anything. Dolly panics, she screams and says what are they saying. Tell me the truth. Baljeet says calm down. Ilahi says I will tell you the truth. Ilahi says to Dolly you’re right. I am Jahan’s wife. I am Ilahi Jahan Mehta. Everyone is shocked. Dolly hugs her and says what were they saying. I know you couldn’t be Jordan’s wife. The entire guests start talking that she’s Jordan’s wife. Dolly says did you all hear? Ilahi is my DIL. Jordan gets angry. mahip stops him. Jahan says he needs to diffuse the situation.

Jahan turns off the lights. He brings the cake and says let’s cut cake. He starts dancing with the family. Everyone calms down. Jahan makes Ilahi cut the cake. Jordan goes out in anger. He recalls Ilahi said she’s Jahan’s wife. Mahip asks her to calm down. She says I have plan B as well. She makes him eat the cake. Jordan says happy wedding anniversary.

Scene 2
The reporters ask why did Ilahi say she’s Jahan’s wife? he says DOlly isn’t well. she thinks Ilahi is Jahan’s wife. Bau ji requests them to not say anything that can risk Dolly’s wife. The reporters ask Ilahi to make Jordan eat the cake. SHe makes him eat the cake. Jordan graps her hand and eats the cake. Ilahi drops the cake. SHe leaves in anger. Jahan says to Ilahi thank you for saving my mom’s life. He gives her napkin. It’s the same napkin Ilahi gave to Jahan. Bebe says you all have to be very careful. Bau hi says yes. Ilahi says I will handle everything.

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