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Scene 1
Jordan is about to hit Jahan. Mahip takes Jordan inside. Bau ji apologizes to all the guests. They all leave and talk about the family and Ilahi’s character. Ilahi cries. Bebe and everyone try to console her. Jahan feels bad for her. Jordan is angry. Mahip tries to control him. He says I will kill that Jahan today. Ilahi recalls how he forced her. Ilahi gets up and slaps Jordan. She says you thought you’re so powerful you can do whatever you want and no one would say anything right? Jordan says you had a problem when I was showing my real marriage but you’re happy being Jahan’s fake wife. You said you’re Ilahi Jahan Mehta. It hurts me but it doesn’t bother you. She says it’s about someone’s life and it doesn’t bother. I’ve nothing to do with you or Jahan. I am here because of Dolly only. I was silent because of this family. Don’t consider it my weakness. You’re a sinner. You misbaheved with me and forced me to be with you in the party. Jordan says you’re wrong. Mahip says Ilahi is right. It’s all your fault Jordan. What happened was wrong. Jordan laughs. Jordan says I alwasy wondered what magic Ilahi knows that she takes everyone on her side. Now my mom is also one her side. What magic is it. Because of the same magic I will never leave you. Mom you were right I always wrong. Everyone else is perfect. You all can also slap me. Ilahi has slapped me already. He says Bua ji you should start. He shoves jordan. Jordan says dad you slap me, for you I am always wrong. Jahan and Ilahi slapped me already. You do to. Bebe you do as well. Bebe says stop it Jordan. Have some shame. You’re so selfish. You’ve ruined our family. You got a gem wife and you didn’t value her. Go from here. Get out. Jordan says my own family betrayed me. He leaves in anger.

Ilahi sits down and cries. Bebe consoles her. She apologizes to Ilahi. Bebe hugs Ilahi. Ilahi says I want to apologize to all of you. But I can’t do this anymore. WHat are we doing. we’re playing with Dolly’s emotions. I feel like I am doing a sin. I can’t fool her anymore. We should tell her the truth. If somoene else tells her she will get a shock. If we take her into confidence she will understand. I love Dolly a lot. But we’ve to tell her the truth. I suffocate here. I can’t do this anymore. Jahan says Ilahi is right. He says Ilahi I was begging you to come here. I am requesting you to go from here. I am sorry about what happened to you today. Ilahi is right, we better tell mama ourselves. I got selfish. I can’t ruin a girl’s life for mama. He says we will go to mama and tell her right now. Jordan says if they tell her what owuld happen to my deal. Jahan hears noise from Dolly’s room.They all rush to Dolly’s room. The doctor says her BP shot up. If she gets any shock she can lose her life. Ilahi and Jahan are shocked.

Scene 2
At night, Ilahi is in the kitchen. Jahan comes there. Ilahi cries. Jahan says Ilahi.. Ilahi says I don’t know what to do. I don’t know what’s right or wrong. Ilahi slips, Jahan holds her. Jahan wipes her tears. Jahan says we will tell mama everything once her condition gets better.

Jordan shoots on Jahan’s pictures. Mahip says why are you so crazy about Ilahi. DOn’t ruin everything. We’ve turned into a joke because of your craze for her. Why can’t you focus on sultan’s deal? Fans love Sultan’s voice not face. You’d always need Jahan for that voice. Don’t ruin your career for Ilahi. She’s a curse to you. Jordan says she’s my demand and no one can come between me and her. I can destroy the whole world to get her. Mahip says in heart I will have to make Jordan hate her so he stops dreaming for her.

Scene 3
Ilahi comes to Dolly’s room with tea. Dolly says Jahan sent me to the room and you didn’t bring me out either. I wanted to see your dance. Ilahi says I thought we’d have tea and see ourr wedding photos in this tab. She sees the photos and says you both look so pretty. Tina tells everyone we photoshopped these photos and replaced Jordan’s face with Jahan’s. Mahip says I have my next plan.

Epsiode ends

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