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Scene 1
Dolly says to Ilahi give me print outs of these photos. Ilahi asks why? She says I will give it to those reporters to shut them up. Ilahi says they talk about rumors. It helps their business. Let’s go have dinner. I made your favorite dish. She says I pray you and Jahan always stay happy. Mahip says see what I do now. Dolly comes downstairs. She says Ilahi come here. She makes Ilahi wear chunri. Ilahi asks what is this for? Dolly says it’s for you. Ilahi asks why? She says my mom gave it to me, I wanna give it to you. I wanna see you as a bride in it. I want to get you married again with all rituals. Ilahi says but we just got married. Why again. Jahan says what do you keep planning mom. Dolly says I wasn’t part of that wedding. I want to see Jahan’s wedding. Why are you all so shocked. I want to see you in this dress. She will look like a fairy. Jahan says no please. She asks why are you reacting like this. Baljeet says why is it needeD? She says I want to see everything I missed. We couldn’t be a part of his wedding. She cries.

Mahip recalls she said to Dolly they look pretty right? Dolly said yes I wish I could be a part of it. Mahip said you can get them married again. You will see their wedding. Dolly cries and says I wanted to see you getting married. I want to see everything I missed. she cries. Jahan says it would be odd. She says my dreams are odd to you? Do I have no right to see your wedding? Bau ji says we will do what you say. Don’t cry. You’ve to get better before that. Jahan says he’s right. You get better first. Wedding are tiring. Ilahi says we can’t take a risk with your health. Dolly says I am perfectly fine.

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