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Katha comes to Maya asking her about enacting their love story. Maya has to enact the bride and groom, is happy that Teeji is participating, she considers Katha and Viaan’s love story inspirational. Maya wants Kahta to spill all beans, tell everything. Katha tells that initially Viaan hated her, she found him arrogant and egoistic enough to resign. Maya was shocked, a couple made for each other have such a trembling start. Katha thinks that they time changed the differences, now everything is good. Maya has a reason to scold Viaan for terminating Katha from office. Katha corrects, she resigned herself. Maya knows that it must be because of Aarav, Teeji informed her about the time Katha managed. For Katha it feels like ages ago. Maya admires Katha for fighting alone, she knows that the Garewal’s weren’t in support of her back then, Katha has some commendable qualities for managing everything alone. Katha got help from his friends and some other people. Friends are made for that purpose, Maya hopes that Viaan helped as well. Katha didn’t ask him, according to company’s policy new employees can not get such loans. Maya thinks that whatever happened, at end of the day Katha managed everything. Maya hopes that Katha is proud of herself.
Maya goes to Viaan asking his employees not to miss the wedding amidst all the work. She tells him about a surprise plan for the sangeet ceremony.
Katha breathes heavily, drinks water to calm herself.

Maya asks Viaan to tell when he first realized about his love for Katha. Viaan tells that he always had a vibe, but there were a lot of ups and downs before coming close. Maya questions him for not having love at first sight. Viaan refuse, Katha is different form others, it took him time to understand her. Maya asks if he knew about her struggle with Aarav’s treatment, Teeji informed that she wanted money and there was no help to be found, did Kahta come to Viaan. He didn’t help, owing to the company’s policy. Maya asks if Kahta informed how she arranged the money, Viaan didn’t questions, considered it personnel. Viaan leaves, has to take Aarav for shopping, he leaves the cabin.

Viaan comes down to Katha, take he for shopping with him.

Maya informs Teeji that Katha’s was in shock and Viaan didn’t answer the question. Teeji suspects Katha for hiding something, even from Viaan, wonders who they will find the truth. Maya talked to Rewa; she informed her about the hospital Aarav was treated in. Maya will get the details now.

Viaan and Katha help Aarav get dressed, the pick an attire and Viaan wants to make the exact same dress. Aarav blew kisses on the phone; Katha asks him to show it to her. Aarav shows him picture of the temple he prayed in for Katha and Viaan, now they have to go and thank the holy shrine. Viaan and Katha agree to go and pray for future as well.

The hospital dean welcomes Maya’s gesture of treating the entire staff with lunch. A nurse enters the room. Maya wants details about a patient, Aarav Singh, or Garewal, she heard his story and wants to return his treatment money. The Dean refused; it was against the policy. Maya understands but asks the Dean to ponder on it. Maya writes him a check for the cancer ward, reminds him about his relationship with Raghuvanshi family.

Teeji adores Aarav’s attire. He shows it Maya as well. Katha and Viaan inform them about visiting a temple. Teeji questions, they have to prepare for sangeet tomorrow. Aarav will accompany them as well. Aarav refused; he has a lot of work. Maya asks Teeji to let the children go. Viaan, Katha and Aarav left for ice cream. Teeji questions Maya for allowing them, Maya wants them to leave to avoid interruptions in her investigation. She has some news, Katha just got permanent in the office when doctor gave her a period’s notice to arrange money for Aarav’ operation. The nurse ought to help Maya, will get her all the information only is she get her son admitted to a good school. Maya tells her details about the patient. The interesting news is that Katha submitted 1 crore 2 lack and 17 thousand in cash. If she had sourced a bank or something, the money must have been in cheque or online transaction. Viaan and Katha didn’t help her than, she submitted the money around 5 in the morning meaning she got the money in a night but how. Teeji agrees, Reet was right. Maya thinks that Katha committed a fraud that can help them to break Viaan and Katha.

On the road trip Katha looks at the map, the trip is too long, wonders how they will fulfil their commitment of returning home before evening. Viaan takes her phone. He wants to enjoy the moments of peace before returning to the chaos of their wedding preparations. He races a little to enjoy.

PRECAP: Katha and Viaan dance by the roadside. Maya questions Ehsan for not knowing about Viaan lending Katha money. Ehsan calls Viaan questions him for taking money from company’s account to give to Katha.

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