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Aarav discusses the issue about Mr. Garewal not accepting Viaan with his friends. The children tell how elders don’t take them seriously, one friend told that his parents used to fight a lot until one day he got lost in a mall. Aarav came up with a plan to make Mr. Garewal and Viaan friends forever. Aarav called Viaan, shouted and screamed for help on it. He than video called Mr. Garewal with same manner. He left them both worried.

Viaan runs out of the office, Katha questions. Viaan said that his friend called him. Mr. Garewal left the house in a hurry, Kavita questions him. She had never seen him leave for a meeting in such a hurry. Viaan exits the office with a smile to delude Katha, he than starts to plan what to do.

Viaan reaches the sports club, asked around people for him. He talked to a guard who only saw Aarav entering the club. Viaan and Mr. Garewal met each other. Aarav’s friend informed Aarav about Viaan and M. Garewal being together in sports club while he was enjoying a pizza at Sumit’s home.

Viaan and Mr. Garewal discuss the calls they received from Aarav. Mr. Garewal worries about Aarav being in danger. Viaan asks other people about Aarav. He plans to call Neerja. She attends the call calling Viaan hero. Viaan asks her about Aarav, than for contact numbers of Aarav’s friends. Viaan calls Aarav’s friends, the friends deny seeing Aarav, he left early from the club. Mr. Garewal blames Viaan for Aarav’s kidnapping thinks that Viaan’s enemy must have kidnapped him for money. Viaan accuses Mr. Garewal of the same thing. They think about informing Katha. Viaan remembers Aarav’s phone having a tracker, they leave. Aarav’s friends keep updating him.

Viaan and Mr. Garewal reached Sumit’s housing society, Viaan tracks the phone.

Katha was worried about Viaan.

Sumit holding Aarav’s phone informs him about Viaan and Mr. Garewal being there. Aarav asks him to leave the phone there and hide somewhere else.

Katha calls Viaan, Mr. Garewal refuses to let him attend the calls but he accidentally does, and Katha hears them discussing about finding a solution.

Viaan finds Aarav’s phone and lunch box. He calls the delivery man’s number mentioned on the box.

Katha calls Kavita informing that Mr. Garewal and Viaan are together. Kavita tracks Mr. Garewal’s phone. Katha and Kavita decide to follow Mr. Garewal and see what he and Viaan are up to.
Viaan calls the deliver man, he wants to get some information. The receptionist asks if Viaan wants recipe. Viaan tells receptionist about an order, wants to know where the order was delivered to. Mr. Garewal loses his temper, Viaan tries to calm him down. They politely ask the man to tell him ask Viaan lost his son, Mr. Garewal tell that his grandchild is missing. The man tells them about the address. The men knew that the house has one kid, whose mother left him, the kid goes to the same school as Aarav. Viaan was able to connect all dots, figured that it the order was delivered to Sumit’s house. Mr. Garewal laughed, Viaan questions. He figured that Aarav played this game using his friends, Adtiya was the same, he got himself kidnapped to reconcile Mr. Garewal and Kavita after a fight. Viaan calls Sumit, threatens to inform his mothers. Sumit tells that Aarav wanted Viaan and Mr. Garewal to be friends.

Katha and Kavit were in car, they were concerned about the men not informing them about anything.

Viaan decides to inform Katha. Mr. Garewal stops him from troubling Katha, he questions Viaan for never lying to his girlfriends before. Viaan laughs, than tells that this is his first relationship.
Sumit informs Aarav about Mr. Garewal and Viaan finding the truth.

PRECAP: Everyone searches the apartment to find Aarav. Katha gets worried, searches for Aarav in society. Aarav gets stuck in the maintenance room which catches fire. Viaan tries to save Aarav.

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