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Viaan questions Mr. Garewal for doubting him. Mr. Garewal wants to deal with Aarav right now, they should tease him, Aaditya used to be similarly notorious. Viaan understands where Aarav gets it from. Mr. Garewal finds Aarav having uncanny resemblance with Aditya. Viaan questions, he looks handsome like Mr. Garewal. Viaan wished Mr. Garewal could see himself in mirror, he and Katha glow while talking about Aditya, like he was the light of their lives. Mr. Garewal questions Viaan for not getting mad or worried about Katha staying with her past, Viaan disagrees, he would be stressed otherwise. Viaan is a confession, he is jealous of Katha and Mr. Garewal for having Aditya who made them happy. He owes Aditya for keeping the love of his life happy for many years. Mr. Garewal was shocked to know that Viaan doesn’t want to take Aditya’s place. Viaan doesn’t want to play someone else’s character, he wants his have his only love story apart from Katha and Aditya’s love story, that was unique in its own way. Kavita interrupts. Katha and Kavita both were there. Viaan clarifies, Katha doesn’t know anything. Katha questions Viaan for hiding things from her. Viaan tells that Mr. Garewal asked him, he glitches, tells that Viaan isn’t a child to listen to him. Kavita said that she tracked Mr. Garewal’s phone like he used to. Mr. Garewal informs that Aarav is missing. Katha panics, everyone panics. Mr. Garewal complains about women panicking. Viaan clarifies that Aarav was missing, but is safe now, he is hiding at Sumit’s house, did this to patch things between Viaana and Mr. Garewal.

Aarav was worried, his plan flopped. He wished to be a monkey. He was scared of being caught because Katha wont spare him.

Katha was infuriated with Aarav and his kidnapping plan. She decided to teach him a lesson by grounding him for a week. Viaan and Mr. Garewal pleads her not to. Mr. Garewal says that Aarav’s way was wrong but not the intentions. Viaan tells that Sumit’s father will be home in a while. Katha took the address, went to get him. Viaan has never seen Katha like this, he despite being worried for Aarav hoped that he would be fine which he is.

Katha rings the bell; everyone calls Aarav to open the door. Sumit’s father came to his apartment, he wasn’t aware of this plan. Everyone searched in the apartment, but he wasn’t anywhere to be found. They all panicked, went to search for him downstairs.

Katha called Neerja wondering that Aarav was with her, but she was at the shelter site. She than called Falguni to confirm Aarav’s presence in the apartment. Viaan asks everyone around for Aarav.
Sumit’s father asked around neighbors, but nobody has seen Aarav. Kavit and Mr. Garewal Aarav. Sumit’s father sees his son and calls him over, harshly questions him about Aarav not being in the house.
Falguni checked the apartment, it was locked. Katha ends the call, goes over to talk to Sumit. His last talk with Aarav was after Viaan and Mr. Garewal found anything, he didn’t hear or see him afterwards.
Aarav hides in the maintenance room, outside there were few working with electric fence. Aarav was scared for being scolded but at least he would patch things between Viaan and Mr. Garewal. After he gets in the room an ignition sparks fire, it immediately grew depriving Aarav from a way out. He panics, tries to reach a safe place but the fire keeps growing. A crowd gathered around; the guard knew that a child was stuck inside. Viaan confirmed it being Aarav. Katha panicked, she breached the security and called Aarav. Katha gets to a window, Viaan stopped Katha from breaking the window with a brick because the glass might hurt Aarav. Aarav cried for help, he fainted from the smoke. Viaan broke the window, jumped in instead of letting Katha, he promised Katha to bring him back.
Kavita and Mr. Garewal reached the place as well. Kavita panicked, as her child was inside.

Viaan called for Aarav to respond, the fire grew immensely, Viaan was getting hurt trying to find Aarav. He called Aarav to yell his name. Aarav gained consciousness and called for his father. Viaan stopped for a second. He saw Aarav under the table, reached over, covered him with his coat, carried him out of the fire towards the window to exit the room. He was near the window when a fire log fell on Viaan, yet he protected Aarav first.

PRECAP: Aarav breaks the front door to escape the fire. Mr. Garewal witnessed it from his eyes. Aarav lies with Viaan in the bed, calls him father. Mr. Garewal talks to Aditya’s photo, he accepts Viaan for Katha, thinks that Aaditya brought them together.

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