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Katha opens the door to Viaan standing outside. She turns away with tears in her eyes, Viaan hugs her from behind. Katha wipes her tears, he apologies. Katha apologizes for being mad at him, she has nowhere to go other than him, its just that years her have made her protective over Aarav. Viaan knows that no mother is ever overprotective of for her child, she will react the same in future. No one knows Aarav better than her and so no one can a better decision for him. Katha tells that Viaan is his father now, she wants to share that right with him. Mr. Garewal wants to give Aarav everything, but Katha has stopped him as well because she wants Aarav to create privileges for himself. Viaan shares about the time he met Aarav in sports club, he met an intelligent and capable child, he isn’t a spoiled son. Viaan wants to give Aarav some luxuries but assures not to give them on a silver platter. Katha suggests writing a parenting book together. Mr. Garewal and Kavita interrupt asking if they solved their fight, he asks not to worry because Kavita still fights with him. Mr. Garewal warns that this will not be their last fight, continue solving other fights like this as well. Kavita wants them to remember that magic for a happy marriage is not to stretch the fight. Viaan will always keep that in mind, there is one more thing to do and that is to talk to Teeji and Maya. He asks Katha to accompany him.

Ehsan, Vanya and Yuvraj decide the wedding location. Ehsan loves a monument hoping Katha and Viaan’s love story to as beautiful as the place. Yuvraj isn’t an expert but agrees about the place being a good place to host wedding festivities. Ehsan thinks that they have the wedding there. Liza enters the room apologizing for being late. Ehsan hugs her, he pushes Vanya aside while busy complimenting Liza. Vanya sits down Yuvraj asks Liza for a theme; she suggests a historical theme owing to the location. Liza opts for a golden white color combination with contrast of marron and a giant chandelier. Ehsan loves the idea. Vanya differs, thinks that Katha would prefer muted tones. Ehsan tells that this is a Punjabi wedding. Ehsan suggests Liza get married as well. Vanya can sense Ehsan being cheap and overacting. Yuvraj understands the game, decides to play one as well. Yuvraj suggests getting Liza and Ehsan married right now. Vanya agrees, Liza is in demand and if not Ehsan than she will take her. Ehsan panics, they need to focus on Katha and Viaan’s wedding.

Teeji comes down wondering where Viaan is. Maya bets that he went to meet Katha. Viaan returns with Katha. Teeji welcomes them, Maya asks Katha about the weather. Maya doesn’t want her to worry, differences of opinion are a part of life, its sign of healthy family. Teeji needs to send invites, wants Katha to check with Kavita. Viaan tells that before moving on they want to share some rules regarding Aarav. Maya asks. Katha knows that everyone wants the best for Aarav, but he is a kid and there are some things, first of all he will continue with the same school. Incase of changing his routine, small or big everyone will discuss and decide collectively. They will keep a check on Aarav and his adaptability to the new changes. Teeji texts Maya asking what to do since Viaan and Katha have already teamed up.

Ehsan and Liza exit the conference meeting, he needs to talk to Liza, so does she. Vanya asks Yuvraj why Ehsan is acting odd. Yuvraj is confused, Ehsan is a weird person.

Liza questions Ehsan for torturing himself. His eyes tell about his feelings for Vanya. Ehsan cannot do anything, she is Viaan’s sister. Ehsan has made the agenda clear, wants Liza to come as his girlfriend or everything will get ruined in Viaan’s wedding. Liza calls is a dumb idea but agrees to continue. She leaves to run an errand. Yuvraj comes to Ehsan asking him not to act being wit Liza, his love for Vanya is visible on his face. Ehsan mocks Yuvraj by saying that if he can read face than tell whether Ehsan should retrieve the money, he invested in stock market or not. Yuvraj asks him to keep investing, leaves Ehsan as he is a hopeless case. Ehsan apologizes to Vanya, but Viaan is his true love.

Viaan tells Maya and Teeji about knowing that everyone wants to love Aarav, get him spoiled. Katha tells that a kid grows, and a spoiled man is never adored. She wants everyone to love Aarav for his benefit, so they can discuss everything loudly. Maya never thought about it all, they saw a child and flow in his love. Katha is coming to their house, Teeji and Maya being mother, and grandmother were doing all they could to love Katha and Aarav. Katha knows they are the mother. Teeji will be careful. Maya will not get Aarav toys now, will not show love materialistically. Maya and Teeji will not control Aarav’s life but being humans, they have some dreams for their grandchildren, and won’t take precautions with Aarav’s brother and sisters. Aarav had certain brought up over which Katha has all control but for any newborns Maya and Teeji will fulfil their wishes without discrimination. Teeji agrees, Viaan understands that Maya and Teeji will get their dreams fulfilled one way or the other. Teeji has the right to be excited, she has started making plans. Maya suggests making portion of house into a nursery, she has a friend in Paris to design that. Teeji asks Maya to name the baby. Maya would love to see a baby’s voice in this house after 30 years. Viaan complains about not having any say int heir future. Maya can imagine with a baby bump. Katha panics, anxiously saying that they will not have another child. Maya questions Katha for not wanting another child, has she not thought about Viaan. Maya wants to know why she doesn’t want another child. Viaan suggests discussing this in a while. Katha stands up to leave. Teeji stops her, she is ready to talk on this matter, Katha cannot leave saying that Viaan will not experience fatherhood, this house will never hear a baby’s voice. Viaan stops her from discussing this topic. Teeji refuses, Viaan and Katha are engaged owing to that this is the right to discuss the matter. Teeji clarifies that there is no bigger happiness than being a parent.

PRECAP: Viaan and Katha’s wedding festivities began, Viaan wants to see his name in Kahta’s hand. Teeji argues, she wants another child. Reet asks Maya to find out how Katha arranged 1 crore to save Aarav’s life, that would solve a lot of problems.

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