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Teeji dreamt about Viaan’s wedding, when it’s finally happening she has lost sight of where to start. Kavita is here to help, never imagined getting her daughter married. Mr. Garewal leaves all responsibilities for others since he wants to party and enjoy, he starts dancing than sits down as his back hurts. Teeji suggests getting Katha and Viaan engaged, they both showed their hesitation. The elders refuse to listen, want to plan for the wedding as well. Aarav and Ehsan will come on behalf of rhe both bride and groom. Teeji wants the engagement ceremony to be after three days. Kavita tells that Katha will live with her family till then, meaning that she and Viaan cannot meet meanwhile. They celebrate with sweets. Teeji texts her sister telling that she is doing everything told but doesn’t know what to feel. Maya asks her to follow her orders.

Yuvarj has drummers arranged at the Garewal mansion to welcome Katha and Aarav. Everyone dance together. Yuvraj is really happy for Katha, wants her to consider him her brother form now on. She is obliged to discuss all problems with him, she has all right on this family. They all dance together. Kavita takes Katha aside.

Katha questions Kavita for arranging all the jewelry for her. Kavita couldn’t be a good mother for his in Aditya’s time, but now she has the chance to amend her mistakes. Katha thinks that Kavita has always been a mother for her, regardless of everything, she doesn’t desire that jewelry. Kavita gives her the gold bangle as a symbol of connecting a mother and daughter, it is how families are built. Katha will receive she couldn’t get the first time. The bangle is enough for Katha. Kavita reminds her about Mr. Garewal, he will not spare anyone if she lets Katha’s go alone. Katha shouldn’t worry, Kavita knows that Katha wants a simple wedding.

Farah loves the diamond cut. Teeji doesn’t hold the courage to give Katha their heirloom. Farah asks her to abide with Maya. Ehsan discusses engagement attire with a designer, he rejects all designs as they don’t match Katha’s vibe. Viaan is leaving for office, Farah and Teeji asks him to choose a dress for him. Ehsan stops him, Viaan request, Katha will be waiting for him in the office. Ehsan tells that the office is closed for them both for next three days. Vanya and Kavita stops Katha from doing work from home, they want Katha to live like bride to be. Ehsan has arranged a spa for Viaan.

Mr. Garewal discuss menu items with Yuvraj, they want an extensive menu. Viaan calls Katha from the spa, Mr. Garewal notices and takes Yuvraj took of the room with him to give Katha privacy. Viaan asks Katha if he is gullible. Katha tells that Vanya took her laptop from him. Viaan wanted to meet Katha in office, requests her to go on a coffee date with him. Katha cannot, Kavita booked a spa appointment for her. Viaan is in same scenario, video calls Katha to show his face. Katha laughs at his masked face, he questions Katha’s need for a spa, reads poem for on her beauty. Katha wants him to explain it as well. Viaan asks her to look at the moon tonight, it might be jealous of Katha’s beauty. Aarav listens to their video call. Viaan is desperate to meet Viaan, wants to run away with her. Ehsan stops, he will stop Viaan from committing that crime. Ehsan is trying to make Viaan better for her. Aarav sympathizes with Katha and Aarav not being able to enjoy their freedom.

Kavita wants Katha to be with her while working. Katha arrives, Kavita has selected a saree for her. Katha stops Vanya from addressing her as ma’am. Kavita will bid Katha farewell with all the rituals. Vanya reminds Katha about the spa appointment, they cannot stay behind the groom team. Vanya is on team bride. Kavita calls the driver to drop Katha at the spa. Aarav realizes that Katha is going alone.

Ehsan receives Aarav’s call, it was for Viaan. Aarav tells that Katha is done with spa sos he went home, sine everyone is busy with the preparation he wants Viaan to pick Katha from home. Viaan will do it, tells Ehsan that its work related. Viaan asks the workers to put a mask on Ehsan’s face, his eyes were closed with cucumbers. Viaan leaves the spa, tips the workers as well.

Viaan rings the bell, Katha comes from behind. Aarav asked Viaan to pick her up, Katha was told that Aarav is here with Kiara and Aarna. Aarav left a note outside, he has a surprise for his parents.

PRECAP: The apartment is decorated. Katha is worried about everything happening so fast, what if they lose sight for each other. Viaan will always hear Katha.

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