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Katha and Viaan enter the apartment to it being decorated with heart filled balloon, she thinks that Aarav considers them teenagers. Viaan surely is because Katha is his first love. They read Aarav’s note advising them not to return home tonight, instead have fun. Yuvraj, Kiara and Aarna were part of the plan as well. Katha notices Multani Mitti on Viaan’s face, he escaped the spa before they could complete the facial. Katha worries about everyone making this a grand function. Viaan thinks they are lucky, in order to add more, they can color coordinate their dress. Katha stares at him, Viaan loves when she does it. Katha becomes quiet, Viaan knows that she is pondering about something. Katha’s idea of a wedding was different, she had an emotional picture in mind but everyone is simply more excited, the can take the hint from Aarav’ effort today. Viaan looks into her eye, is trying to figure her new fear, he understands that she fears that the festivities become more important than the wedding. Viaan assures that he will see nothing else in her presence, the festivities can be for family, Katha wants to keep everyone intact, so the organizers, extended family and neighbors. Katha worries about not being able to find each other in that crowd. Viaan assures that he will read her from a far. He decides to tell his vowes to her.

He takes Katha, circle around imagining a Mandap where he promises to make their love story livelong, Their love will be the strongest building ever made, he will forever be with her, in life and afterwards. Viaan will say all this again, she might not be able to hear her due to noise but his voice will forever stay in her mind.

Kavita decides a ring for Viaan, Arana asks her to make it similar to Mr. Garewal’s ring design. Kavita wants a modern design for Viaan. Mr. Garewal tells his grandchildren about the story behind his ring. Mr. Garewal wasn’t well enough to afford a ring before but fell in love with Katha who belonged to a wealthy family. He asked her parent about her hand in marriage, they taunted him for not being rich enough. Mr. Garewal worked day and night, started a business than bought her a ring but that got stolen the same day. Mr. Garewal wrestled to win the ring Kavita wears today, he went to give it to her but was on bed rest for next whole month. That story proved that Mr. Garewal was the one for Kavita, she still has the ring. Viaan and Katha return home, Aarav asks them about the fun, Viaan appreciates his efforts while Katha is pointing his notoriousness. The children tell Viaan about Mr. Garewal’s proposal. Yuvraj tells his story as well. Garewal family has a trend to propose their females. He asks Viaan about it. Viaan decides to propose Katha, Aarav knows that Viaan hasn’t proposed to Katha yet. Ehsan comes questioning Viaan for leaving him alone. Mr. Garewal favors Viaan, Ehsan will have similar emotions in his time. He decides plan a family dinner so that Viaan and Katha could spend some time together. Yuvraj takes Ehsan for drinks, Viaan has something to discuss with Ehsan. Viaan needs to propose to Katha. Ehsan questions, he is a little late for that, a unique love strory, became a father before being married, first girlfriend will become his wife. Viaan wants his help, Ehsan has all the experience. Ehsan knows the best jeweler, will take Viaan there. Viaan suggests having eternity stones with a back story. Ehsan loves the idea, will meet him first thing in the morning.

Kavita comes to Katha working on the laptop, she wants to oil Katha’s hair. Kavita insists Katha to sit down for, while oiling her hair Kavita tells Katha a story about a mother monkey and son, the mother used to get java plums for her son by crossing security guards and fences. It was a routine until one day the son got it for himself because there was no fence or security guards. Kavita wants Katha not to carry all the burden on her shoulders. There is someone to pamper her and Aarav, Katha should let him do it. Katha will let him, being supporting, loving and making live simple is Viaan’s specialty. Kavita is here to pamper Katha as well.

PRECAP: Everyone dance at the ceremony, Viaan takes Katha aside to propose to her. Katha promises to wear his ring forever.

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