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Ehsan takes Viaan to a jeweler who gets his stones from a museum. Viaan doesn’t want one in thousands but the one and only, the unique one like Katha. The man shows him blue diamond, Viaan knows that it’s a color changing diamond. Viaan wants something unique. Ehsan picks the World War 2 stone that a woman was able to cross border of Germany with. Viaan remains silent, Ehsan asks him not to worry because Katha has no interest in stones. Viaan picks a diamond that has no story.

Katha decides the menu for dinner, she wants to pick everyone’s favorite. Viaan calls, apologizes for not being able to help her prepare dinner. Viaan wants to meet her. Katha is too busy, he didn’t even tell her Teeji’s favorite. Viaan asks her to make anything with little to no spice. Neerja interrupts, she is here to help Katha. Neerja takes charge of the video call, technology is working for the best but Katha and Viaan should meet at night.

Ehsan welcomes Teeji and Farah at Garewal mansion. Farah taunts Ehsan for changing sides. Viaan and Katha lock eyes with each other. Teeji and Vanya come face to face with an awkward tension. Viaan asks Vanya about it, Mr. Garewal asks Viaan not to worry, he is doing the right thing. Aarav wants to talk to his father, brings Viaan aside. Aarav, Ehsan, Yuvraj mock Ehsan for not being able to propose to Katha yet. Viaan asks them not to pressurize him.

Ehsan appreciates Mr.Garewal for making Katha prepare dinner. Viaan acknowledges Katha’s talent. Yuvraj compliments the food, wants Katha to teach him some yoga possess as well. Katha tells that Neerja prepared it with her. Neerja credits Katha for the dinner. Farah thinks that Neerja loves Katha. Neerja thinks that there is no one who doesn’t want to love Katha, directs it towards Teeji. Teeji loves her son, she has to love whatever her son loves. Mr. Garewal compliments Teeji for saying so. Kavita asks him to befriend Teeji for Katha. Mr. Garewal stands up for a speech, asks Viaan to keep his daughter heavy, be by her side through all ups and downs. He gets a little emotion, she is leaving too soon. Katha isn’t going anywhere. Mr. Garewal doesn’t want forget her family. Viaan assures that there is nothing that can make Katha forget about her family. He wants Viaan to bring Katha home. Aarav isn’t happy with the emotional scene, tells Ehsan to help with a plan. Ehsan interrupts the emotional conversation, Aarav join in, and he calls Ehsan his uncle asking him to come return with an entertainment set up. Ehsan wants everyone to dance on a specific song. Mr. Garewal questions as it’s too late to dance. Ehsan blames Aarav for telling him the plan late. The first song was dedicate to Katha and Viaan to dance at. Katha ditches Viaan in letting him touch her, she dances solo. Ehsan asks others for a song request, no was interested, she plays his favorite song. Ehsan invites everyone, Vanya stands up. They dance together. For the next song, Ehsan repeats the request. Aarav wants Ehsan to play his favorite son, Aarav makes all the elders join, while everyone was busy dancing he asks Viaan to leave with Katha. After Viaan leaves with Katha, Teeji notices their absence.

Katha questions Viaan for bringing her to office, there was a table set for them. Viaan excuses himself, calls Aarav to inform that he hid the ring in the pastry. Aarav wishes him and Katha best of luck. Viaan rehearses his lines, recalls that it should he romantic.

Viaan returns to Katha who already ate the entire pastry. Katha apologizes, nervousness makes her hungry. Viaan panics as there was supposed to be a ring inside, feared that she might have swallowed it.

PRECAP: The engagement ceremony begins, a woman enters calling Viaan dishonest.

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