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Viaan panics as Katha ate the pastry having ring in it. He wanted Katha to vomit, he was flabbergasted, wanted to take Katha to hospital. Katha denies eating anything inedible. The waiter comes telling that he put the ring in the other pastry. Katha feels relief while Viaan faints. Katha panics, she calls him Viaan to wake him up. Now she is worried and wants to take him to the hospital. Fainting is necessary when Katha is around. Viaan can not go to hospital now, he has something important to do. Viaan cleans the ring, while holding the ring he sits down on one knee. Katha understands why she was nervous. It’s important to put a mark a woman, people call him a poet but the finger he will be placing this ring on talks themselves. Her hands write stories in his heart, the woman who will be getting this ring is his poetess, she is his verse, poetry, story, and Katha. Viaan doesn’t intend to stamp her but wants to tell that her wearing this ring would tell the world that Viaan belongs to Katha. Katha holds his hand, if she is his poetess only in his heart, in reality she can not speak two sentences. Katha assures him about wearing his mark for as long as she lives. Stories may end but tales don’t. His mark will always stay with her. Viaan places the ring on her finger, kisses it. They give each other a tight hug.

Teeji complains about Viaan and Katha not returning, the event is for them. Mr. Garewal asks her not to worry, he asks Ehsan to play a song for him. Mr. Garewal dedicates a song to Teeji; they both dance together. The intense dance gives him back pain, Yuvraj helps him sit. Teeji compliments Mr. Garewal.

In the office, Katha calls a doctor for Viaan’s checkup. The doctor noticed a glass of wine. He diagnosed his blood pressure. Katha worries. The doctor tells that excitement and anxiety leads to high blood pressure; he suggests Viaan to rest for a while. Katha asks for further tests or medicines. Viaan sends the doctor. Katha will not ignore this; she makes him promise to take care of his health for everyone. Viaan promises to do yoga with her, plan a healthy meal. Katha calls him Viaan, hearing it makes him more peaceful. Viaan will do as Katha says. She argues, they are just starting off. Viaan will always be here, she is her firefly without whom he can not see the path. Viaan promises to remain strong and healthy till his last breath.

Next morning, Aarav puts his finger in Katha’s mouth to wake her up. She bites his finger. They want her to wake up for the engagement. Kavita comes to wake her up.

Ehsaan holding Viaan’s dress asks him to get ready, he feels like fulfilling his responsibilities. Viaan texts Katha telling to meet him on engagement date. Katha replies that she might be late, Aarav, Aarna and Kiara were looking. Viaan asks if she wants him to wait for her. Katha might want him to wait.

Kavita and Viaan gets ready. Katha sends Viaan a picture of her. Teeji comes to Viaan, places a brooch on his coat. Everyone was ready for the engagement. Aarav takes Katha to the ceremony. Teeji performs nazaar rituals, Viaan prays in front of his father’s portrait. Viaana and the family were greeted by Garewal family. Vanya hugs Viaan, compliments him, Ehsan asks about himself. Viaan looks around, she asks if he is looking for Katha. Viaan wonders why he would be finding Katha today. Katha makes an entrance by dancing with her family. Viaan was shocked to see her, he joins in. Teeji greets Katha. Falguni meets Farha, she was wearing the same dress as Farah. Ehsan compliments Farha, Falguni was wearing the first copy of Farha’s dress. She takes a selfie from Farha’s phone.

Mr. Garewal gets emotional over the thought of marrying the daughter who just came into his life.

PRECAP: Kavita gathers everyone for the engagement ceremony. A woman enters calling Viaan dishonest.

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