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Kavita checks on the distribution of gifts to the guests. Mr. Garewal gets emotional about Katha’s wedding; she only came yesterday. Kavita reminds that a wedded girl doesn’t abandon her family. Eshan tells that whenever Katha will visit her home Viaan will accompany, and Ehsan is a free package. Yuvraj loves the idea, asks Kavita to distribute the chores. They were off to their party, but Kavita is the party planner, sends them off to their respective responsibilities.

Viaan picks a glass of wine but puts it down as Katha gives him a stare. She doesn’t let him have fried or oily stuff as well. They come aside, Katha asks about his heath, Viaan’s heart is racing fast, it happens when Katha’s around. Viaan assures to keep himself healthy to play with Aarav and live his time with Katha. He wants her to smile. Amrita send Viaan a photo of her baby girl. Katha calls everyone for the engagement ceremony. Katha asks Viaan to come, he was astounded at her calling him by his name. He has started to love his name; he will go anywhere until she calls him by his name. Katha calls him Mr. Raghuvanshi. Katha and Viaan sit down for the ceremony. Teeji performs the rituals. Aarav hugs Teeji in return. Kavita performs her part of the rituals. A woman calls Viaan dishonest, tells that he promised to marry her. He promised to marry him since he day he couldn’t walk or speak properly but he chose someone else for herself. She investigated her woman and left Paris for him. Men enter with dozens of gifts. Viaan stands up, he was excited to see his aunt. Maya greets Katha, she heard a lot about Katha. She is delighted to meet Katha, the person Viaan choose to call his moon. Maya gifts them with a painting of Yen and Yaun, perfect description of Katha and Viaan’s love story. Viaan couldn’t believe that Maya came from Paris. Maya would have come from the Moon for Viaan. Moreover, she couldn’t have missed the mother-in-law drama, she adores it. Teeji and Farha greets Maya, Farha finds herself more linked to Maya than Teeji. Maya notices Katha looking at the gift. Maya was confused about what to give Katha, after meeting her in person she realized that all materialistic gifts would have been useless. She is giving Katha Viaan. Maya wants to meet Katha’s parents. Maya apologizes to them on behalf of Teeji for misbehaving and she condemns herself. Mr. Garewal has no grudge or beef with Teeji linked to the past. Maya appreciates them for their love for Katha, they considered her a daughter despite losing their son and today they are giving Viaan all the happiness and blessing that once belonged to Aditya. They promise to keep Katha as happy as they have. Maya has been Viaan’s best friend, her guidance helped and guided him after his father’s death. Maya will receive it all with profit. Viaan will down whatever she will ask. Maya is a business queen in Paris herself, regardless of that she gave them all of her summertime. Viaan loves Maya, she questions Katha allowing her man to say I love you to other women in her presence. Maya is looking for Ehsan. He has always loved her. Maya’s worker tells her that Vanya is Viraj Raghuvanshi’s illegitimate child. Viaan questions the man, Vanya stops him. Meera looks at Teeji than goes to Vanya asking her not to listen to anyone disrespecting her parents. She should always answer anyone who shows disrespect. Vanya wanted to answer but ignored, Maya appreciates her ignoring this scene on his brother’s engagement. She sends her worker away. Viaan tells Katha about Maya. Katha loves her personality; she loves her full of life personality.

Mr. Garewal wonders if Viaan told Maya about Aarav. Viaan was surprised to see Maya himself. Kavita thinks that Teeji must have mentioned Aarav. Aarav fells in front of Maya, she asks who the young man is. Aarav tells that he is Viaan’s son.

Maya guides Aarav in playing Jenga. She is proud of Viaan for handling his business and now embarking on a new journey. She tells that handling a family is harder than handling a company, he might be a boss in his company but not at home. She suggests him to listen his heart before deciding about home, because at home everyone is connected. He must think about everyone before reaching a conclusion. Maya wants to talk to Katha in private.

PRECAP: Maya wants to know if Katha is happy, assures if she isn’t lying. Katha argues with Viaan about giving Aarav 56 thousand. Katha cannot compromise in Aarav’s case, Viaan questions. Katha tells that being Aarav’s mother there are certain decisions that only she can make for him.

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