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The designer compliments Katha’s fatigue at Raghuvanshi’s residence. Maya tells that Katha does yoga. The designer calls Katha Mrs. Raghuvanshi. Teeji and Maya discuss the dresses and decor themes. Katha asks if they are shopping for the wedding now. Maya corrects her, they are only taking measurements after which silhouette will get ready, than the wedding dress which will be taken to decor, everything should be in harmony. Teeji tells that after all that jewelry will be decided. Maya tells that it takes time to make things perfect. The designer addresses Katha as Mrs. Raghuvanshi. Katha asks her to call her Katha, she has always used her original name. Teeji questions her for not taking up Viaan’s surname after marriage, Raghuvanshi feel pride about their surnames and its tradition for woman to take her husband’s name. Maya leaves to attend a call. Teeji thinks that only a few days are left for her becoming a Raghuvanshi. Katha doesn’t want to change her surname; she has always used her father’s name. Teeji questions.

Ehsan questions Mr. Garewal about calling him over. Kavita wonders what he will do after Viaan’s marriage, he will get busy with Katha leaving Ehsan alone. Ehsan has a lot of hobbies, Mr. Garewal knows, he signals him for drinking. Mr. Garewal refuses. Kavita suggests Ehsan to find a girl for marriage. Ehsan questions her for not liking his peace. Kavita tells that Ehsan will get more chance to be happy after marriage. Kavita has a simple problem, she will mind Viaan spending his time with Ehsan rather than Katha. Kavita wants him to try a trick and imagine someone. Mr. Garewal insists he does so. Ehsan imagines Vanya. Ehsan refuses to see someone. Kavita asks for his favorite alphabet. V is Ehsan’s favorite alphabet, and V stands for Viaan. Yuvraj returns with a portrait of Katha and Viaan to gift to the Raghuvanshi’s. Yuvraj notices Ehsan having more photos with Vanaya in the engagement ceremony. Kavita thinks that V stands for Vanya. Ehsan leaves with Yuvraj.

Teeji asks the designer to excuse them for a minute. Katha requests Teeji to understand that she didn’t change her name in first marriage as well. Her parents may not be with her, but their name is attached to her achievements and memories. Teeji questions, Katha’s mother took her husband’s surname, Katha changing her surname won’t change Katha’s achievements or memories. Katha isn’t marrying Viaan for his surname, it doesn’t matter to her. It matters to her. Viaan interrupts, Katha is part of the family, and her decision should be respected. Teeji is bothered, the surname is important for her family. She accepted everything for Viaan and Katha, they should consider this one wish for her. Teeji will not give it up. Maya interrupts, thinks that surname shouldn’t be a problem for anyone. She asks Teeji to hug Katha, Farha insists as well. Teeji hugs Katha, asks Viaan to drop her home. Katha can go herself. Maya orders Viaan to drop her home.

Teeji questions Maya about abandoning her. Maya stops her from being melodramatic, she is an awful actor. Teeji asks her to understand that she can not fight with Viaan and Katha. Maya was taking notes, wanted to see their support system. Viaan and Katha didn’t leave each other’s side for a minute, separating them won’t be as simple as she thought.

Aarav’s friend asks where he would sleep after his mother’s marriage. Aarav will sleep in between his mother and father. His friends tell him that grownups don’t sleep with their parents; they sleep alone in separate rooms. His friends were afraid for a day or two, but they fought it. Aarav will do the same.

Maya suggests using Aarav has a leverage to create a misunderstanding between Viaan and Katha.

Viaan drops Katha home. Katha thanks him, says him goodbye. Viaan was about to leave, returns with excuse of leaving his phone in Katha’s bag, by saying so he grasped Katha in his arms. Katha hesitates, Kavita is home at this time, kids might see them as well. Katha calls Mr. Garewal, Viaan turns around to greet him. Katha runs, Viaan follows. They ran into Katha’s room to find Aarav and his friend there. They were all shocked to see each other. Viaan asks what’s going on. His friends tell him that they were discussing something important, leave afterwards. Viaan asks Aarav to tell what the secret discussion was about. Aarav refuses to share since Viaan is his father now. Katha questions Aarav for being too young to keep a secret. Aarav counter questions Katha for being too old to run in the corridor. Katha playfully twists Aarav’s ear to make him tell the secret. Aarav agrees to tell but runs out of the room. Maya calls Katha to get permission to take Aarav out with her in the evening. Katha allows. Katha tells Viaan about Maya being very cool for taking Aarav on a date. Viaan asks if he should leave, standing at the door he asks Katha if he should wait for another 5 minutes. Katha wants him to leave now. Viaan asks her to turn around because he can not leave as long as her big eyes keep staring him. Katha turns around, Viaan gives her a back hug and runs out of the room.

Katha prepares Aarav to get ready to his date with Maya, she requests him not to tease Maya. Maya comes, Aarav and Katha greet her. Katha sends Aarav to bring his bag. Maya is desperate to see Katha’s apartment, she has seen it in photos, finds it to be a home where one can come after spending a day out. Katha will surely take Maya to her apartment. Aarav returns with his bag, leaves with Maya.
Maya introduces Aarav to his driver, tells that Aarav is the new boss. She directs Aarav to give the driver his bag since servants are hired to serve them. Aarav isn’t allowed to sit in the front seat because the owner only sit in the back.

In the car, Teeji calls Maya to inform her about Ehsan hanging Katha and Ehsan’s photo on the wall. Katha’s smile feels like she is laughing at Teeji. Maya hangs up calling Teeji melodramatic.

PRECAP: Maya tells Teeji that the middle class replace money with morality, in order to spoil Aarav, they must give him a brough up similar to Viaan, imported clothes, toys and all the luxuries, those luxurious would tremble upon Viaan and Katha’s relationship. Viaan holds Katha in his arms.

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