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Maya asks Aarav about his school. Aara goes to the best school in his locality. Maya tells that Viaan used to go to the best school in Mumbai. Aarav has friends in his school. Maya will shift to Aarav and his friends in the same school. Aarav doesn’t have any pocket money; Katha wants him not to keep any money. Maya thinks financial independence in important, she will ask Viaan to give him pocket money, money that Aarav can save for future, to buy Katha gifts or get himself something out of his parents’ sight.

Ehsan cannot believe that Viaan is getting married. Yuvraj asks Ehsan to stay a bachelor, he asks him about Vanya and if he likes her. Ehsan questions Yuvraj to get after him and Vanya. Yuvraj was asked about him and Vanya at the engagement ceremony. Ehsan was curious about the one who asked. Yuvraj can sense something from Ehsan’s expression, Yuvraj himself has a lot of love stories. Viaan comes asking about he love stores. They mock Viaan for smiling. Viaan is too excited. Yuvraj warns him, a lot will change after marriage. Ehsan wants Viaan to value Yuvraj’s experience. Ehsan tells him about the honeymoons period, its love but small and life is too long. The elders were right about saying that one person loves their children while someone else’s wife. Viaan corrects, he loves his wife and Aarav is their life, technically they are inseparable. Ehsan thinks that Katha accompanied them today.

Aarav returns but hesitates to enter the house. katha asks him to come it, Aara was followed by worker bringing in dozens of boxes. Aarav tells that Maya asked about his favorite toy store, though Aarav isn’t allowed to buy a lot of toys at once, but Maya bought him all this behind his back. A bicycle will be delivered tomorrow because he told Maya that Viaan taught him how to ride a bike. Aarav apologizes, he will return the gifts. Katha sends him to the bedroom knowing that it wasn’t his fault.

Katha comes to Raghuvanshi’s house where Maya, Teeji and Farah participate in an online auction. They were all surprised and happy to see Katha. Maya asks her about Aarav, she had the best time with him. Katha came here to talk about that, she gave Aarav a lot of gifts. Teeji doesn’t think that there is a formality here, Maya is his grandmother. Katha isn’t here to stop Maya, but she has never pampered Aarav like these. She never allowed Aarav to open more than one gift at once to teach him the importance of value. Maya understands that she bought Aarav a whole shop, was about to take him to another one as well. Katha thought that she could discuss this with Maya. Maya understands but doesn’t want Karha to make her return those gifts, Aarav will understand but Maya’s little heart wont. Viaan comes home surprised to see Katha. Katha asks if she can not come here, came to meet Maya and Teeji. Maya asks Viaan to complete her duty and drop Katha home, he should enjoy his courtship period because after marriage it would become a responsibility. Katha and Viaan leaves, he asks if she was missing him.

Teeji and Farah were surprised how Katha came running, Maya found a big solution. Maya tells that middle class replace money with principle, the elite and middle class have a different value system but that’s not important. Teeji questions why. Maya thinks that Aarav should be brought up similar like Viaan, he must get all luxuries, gifts, servants. It would cause havoc between the two idealists, Viaan and Katha.
Viaan and Katha sit out for tea, he recalls the tea that gave him diabetes. Katha tells that this tea has equal proportion of tea. Viaan has a promise to make to Katha, he wants to visit all the tea stalls with her and make perfect tea. Katha agrees but for now she needs to go home and fix his son’s handwriting, he has been given a lot of homework. Viaan can help. Katha has never seen him write, he usually types. Viaan mocks Katha for noticing him. He assures her about his fabulous handwriting; he was the class topper. Katha assures that she doesn’t intend to continue with the responsibility of helping Aarav with his homework in future. Katha trips, gets a cramp, Viaan helps it sooth. Katha gets up to walk, Viaan carries her in his arm, he reads her a poem. Katha hugs Viaan calling him her poet.

Next morning, Viaan comes down to the breakfast table. Teeji has something important to discuss. They think that Aarav has potential and can be an asset to the family. They want to change Aarav current school to one where Viaan studied. Viaan loves the idea. Maya wants to make the transition smooth. Teeji tells that the school is organizing a horse-riding day, she wants to enroll Aarav so that he can interact with the people there.

Katha is excited. Aarav asks if they are going to play with those toys. Katha tells that she talked to the secretary of there building, all these toys will be distributed in the community center. Katha allows Aarav to keep on of his favorite toy. It disheartens Aarav, he wants to play with his toys. Aarav tells him the second part of the plan, the children to whom Aarav distributed sweets who cannot afford to buy toys will be allowed to play with these in the community center. Aarav will be able to share his toys with everyone. Aarav loves the plan to share his toys with the ones who cannot afford them.

Maya tells that books can be studied at home; a school is there to give children confidence. Despite Vian’ rough childhood his school was a satisfaction of giving Viaan the confidence to build his life. Teeji even talked to Viaan’s teacher there who has become a trustee, he welcomed Raghuvanshi in his British accent. Teeji things that admission is possible if Aarav enjoys the camp. Viaan loves the happiness on Teeji’s face, Viaan will discuss it with Katha. Teeji wants to surprise Katha herself, she has a right in her grandson’s life.

PRECAP: Aarav shows Katha his new schools’ brochure. Katha was shocked to see the admission amount; she discusses it with Aarav. Katha doesn’t think that it isn’t wise to show a child such a hefty amount, Katha refuses to compromise when it comes to Aarav. Viaan questions, he is Aarav’s father. Katha thinks that being the mother there are some decisions that only she can take.

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