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Katha tells Kavita about clearing that fact that she can not have another than Aarav. Katha comes forwards, tells that she cannot have another child. Teeji gasps. Katha wants to talk but Maya stops her. Maya decides not to suffer because of children, she comes to Katha saying that she favored Katha in every step because he chooses a girl who is strong, independent, intelligent, and determined to raise a child alone but never imagined Katha being selfish enough to deprive a family from the happiness of a child. Teeji calls it a crime. Mr. Garewal asks Katha to speak, they will support her. Viaan enters the house, he couldn’t stop himself. Viaan stops Teeji, she refuses, will not accept Katha’s demand of not having another child. Maya wants to know the reason, demands Katha to tell why she took this decision. Katha tells that she cannot get pregnant anymore, there were some complications with Aarav’s delivery, doctor performed a surgery that halted her process of being pregnant. Everyone was shocked, Katha tells that it hurts but it’s the truth, she leaves the room afterwards.

Katha comes to her room and cries.

Teeji is distressed about her son not becoming a father, not having a son, wonders who will carry the family name, inherit generational wealth. Their bloodline will end with Viaan. Viaan stops Teeji, questions about the heir. Teeji tells that blood makes a family. Viaan defies, relations are manmade. Teeji tells that only blood can inherit wealth. Viaan disagrees, anyone capable can run the business, and Aarav will be the one inheriting his name and legacy. He asks Teeji to look at the Garewal’s, they gave Viaan their son’s position, gave him their daughter, he isn’t their blood. She should understand that blood can abandon blood as well, love is what matters. They have all pressurized katha enough to reopen her wounds, they need to understand that she never lived a privileged life, event the smalledt things matter to her and today they forced her to relive her trauma. He forbids everyone from talking about a second child again.

Viaan goes to Katha, asks her permission to come inside.

Teeji blames Katha for everything, she has ruined Viaan. Maya stops Teeji, apologizes to everyone on her behalf. Teeji is hurt, she planned a lot for Katha and Viaan’s future. Maya and Teeji never intended to pressurize Katha, didn’t know about her past. Mr. Garewal agrees with Viaan, blood is not everything, especially when it comes to Aarav, the kid will make Viaan proud. Teeji calls him, its easy for him to say but its wasn’t a matter of family name and heritage Reet wouldn’t have been forced to have a third child. After Reet’s son Mr. Garewal got his heir. Yuvraj tells that Reet was never forced for anything, it was her personal choice. Teeji considers Reet intelligent for doing so, because of her Mr. Garewal has heir to carry on the family name. Millennials like Viaan, Ehsan and Yuvraj live in a parallel world, Mr. Garewal should understand that family empires cannot be handed to strangers. Mr. Garewal questions, Kavita asks if she is referring it to Aarav. Ehsan wants to stop Teeji, Mr. Garewal interrupts, he can name out people in Teeji’s circle who destroyed their generational wealth, but Aarav will not be one of them. Katha and Aarav aren’t hungry for wealth, Mr. Garewal is still alive, Aarav will have his legacy in Garewal family. Mr. Garewal will name Aditya’s share in property to Aarav from today. Reet stops Mr. Garewal who silenced her, he knows how much she cares for Katha and Aarav. Mr. Garewal declares to name Aarav Aditya’s share in property. Maya requests Teeji to stay quiet. Mr. Garewal assures them that this share won’t be less than EarthCon.

Katha apologizes, doesn’t know how this slipped her mind before. Viaan questions, he would have stayed with her then like he is staying with her now. He fell in love with Katha, her past, present, pain and happiness. She belongs to him now, so does everything else.

Yuvraj asks everyone else to move one. Teeji questions, she is unable to see a way to move forward. Vanya steps forward, questions everyone for not considering the hurt the most, Katha is being blamed for something not in her control, yet she is being pressurized for it first by and now by her own people. Being parents should be a personal matter, Viaan doesn’t have a problem than why bother with the topic. Teeji thinks that Viaan wants to be some God if it wasn’t for him Vanya would have never been invited to this wedding. Teeji thinks that Vanya has no right to intervene in this family matter. Ehsan and Maya stop Teeji. Vanya leaves, Ehsan follows. Kavita comes to Teeji, they could have been victim to what Katha suffered, being mothers, they should worry instead of blaming her. Maya agrees, Katha’s health is top priority. Kavita reminds them about the Mehndi festival, Katha will come to their house with showers of love and blessing. Teeji leaves, Maya, and Reet follow.

Maya wants Teeji to calm down. Teeji questions Maya for not being able to fulfil her promises. Teeji can not see Viaan like this, she dreamed differently about his future. Maya stops Teeji, someone will hear her. Reet eavesdrops on them form behind the pillar.

Katha tells that it’s a truth that Viaan would never be able to be a father. Viaan reminds that Aarav called him father, they chose each other, and Katha had nothing to do with it. Viaan calls Aarav his son.
PRECAP: Everyone prepares for the mehndi function. Reet tells Maya and Teeji to find how Katha got 1 crore for Aarav’s treatment, they can use it against Katha.

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