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Viaan calls Aarav his only son. Katha didn’t look convinced; he questions when she started living by the rule of the world. Since when she accepted society considering blood family. Spouses have the purest relationship. Katha is dearest to Garewal family, Yuvraj says so himself. Ehsan isn’t Viaan’s brother, but they share the deepest bond. Viaan calls Aarav his, honestly, he is getting married late so for that he deserved s readymade child for who he doesn’t have to get up at night. Viaan asks her not to worry about what people say, he is here for here. Katha touches his face softly. Viaan is going out to check on others, tells that despite going outside he is leaving everything here. He reminds her to be ready for tomorrow.

Maya tells Teeji that the second child topic was solid but it increased sympathy for Katha, their words would make Viaan questions more so Teeji must relax. Reet came to them, asked if they wanted to get rid of Katha. Maya denied Reet questions, thought she was the only one who hates Katha. Reet was having an ideal life until Katha entered the family. She calls Katha poisonous stem who creates her way into everything, since her entry the Garewal’s have forgotten about her. Reet advice Maya to find Katha’s secrets. Maya wonders what secrets Katha would have; she is the best one. Reet tells that Katha arranges 1 crore for Aarav’s operation, nobody knows how. Viaan comes from behind, Reet hugs Maya thanking her for supporting Katha, family should be the support system. Viaan leaves, so does everyone else.
Ehsan requests Vanya not to take Teeji’s words seriously. Vanya wonders what she did wrong. Ehsan asks her not to scold him for the mistake. Vanya has never seen anyone hate, Viaan gave her part in the family. Teeji can show some patience and maturity to give her an opportunity, it might sort a lot of trouble and pain for everyone. Vanya sheds tears, she isn’t important enough, its Viaan and Katha’s time to shine. Ehsan considers her a fighter who made her way in the company and the family, despite the past she understands Teeji’ pain, she is able to make Ehsan talk seriously as well. Vanya is important for everyone, and surely, she will have her day to shine. Vanya hugs Ehsan, he hesitates to hug her back. Ehsan leaves the room making an excuse.

Farah gives Teeji painkillers, she wants to throw all the gifts away. Maya asks them about Reet and what she was hinting at, wonders if Katha arranged the money through an ill manner. Teeji and Farha consider Reet an idiot who failed to do anything for Katha and is now finding people to do it for her. Farah points out stopping the mehndi event because if things continue like the way they are the wedding would actually happen.

Next day, wedding preparations were at full swing, the children danced. The mehndi artist offers to apply mehndi on Reet, but she refused. Kavita wants her hand full; she is the bride’s mother. Kavita dances with the kids, distributes money amongst the workers on happy occasions.

Maya questions Teeji for not being dressed, they have to reach the function. Teeji cries, she can not do this, asks Maya if she thought of something. Maya will think of something but for meanwhile, they cannot separate themselves from the plan, they have to go with the flow. Teeji panics, she couldn’t stop Viaan from ringing Vanya than how can she stop this. Maya clams her, she wont be able to do anything if Viaan see Teeji like this. They need to pretend to keep the plan intact. Teeji agrees, Maya sends her to get dressed.

Katha gets dressed, Yuvraj comes to her complimenting. Katha thinks that Yuvraj seems like he has been her brother since forever, Yuvraj reminds that she became his sister first. Katha couldn’t be a sister-in-law, but she is a better sister, they were destined to be that. Yuvraj considers himself weak but doesn’t feel so now because he is the strongest sister, but she is leaving now. Kahta isn’t going far, will come whenever called. Yuvraj says that she has to, she saved this family once, will have to do it in future. He is happy about her choosing Viaan, he takes care of her, keeps her happy. Yuvraj cannot see his sister in pain, he is tension free from Viaan’s side. He hopes for them to live happily forever. Viaan is ready for the event as well.
Vanya brings Viaan a stole while Ehsan a jacket. She thinks that Viaan looks like SRK. Ehsan corrects, Viaan is a Salman Khan fan. Ehsan throws the stole, makes him wear the jacket. They both argue over it.

PRECAP: The function begins, Viaan wants to see his name on Katha’s mehndi design. Ehsan tells that Viaan has her name imprinted on his heart. Reet asks Maya to figure how Katha arranged the money, it would help separate Viaan and Katha.

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