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Viaan questions Ehsan and Vanya for fighting, they start to cat call each other, continue to argue over the dress. Viaan stops them, refuse to wear what both have to offer. Liza comes in asking everyone to get ready. Ehsan hugs Liza, Viaan and Vanya are skeptical of Ehsan’s emotion, they leave the room. Liza doesn’t find Vanya convinced with their acting.

Viaan makes in entry in the Garewal Mansion. Mr. Garewal wants them to dance more enthusiastically. Kavita greets Teeji and others. Katha comes from the other side, Viaan adores her look, goes over to read her a poem.

The ceremony begins, Kavita asks Teeji to pass the mehndi. Teeji hesitates to do so. Maya leaves the room and so does Reet.

Maya stops Reet in the corridor asking her about Katha. Reet was about to start but Yuvraj intervenes, he requests Reet to stay positive. Katha is actually her well-wisher, so he wants Reet not to harm Katha. Yuvraj has his eyes on Reet. He leaves asking her to enjoy the wedding.

The ladies gathered around Katha as henna was being applied to her.

Mr. Garewal and Kavita presents gifts to Viaan. Maya brings Katha gifts as well, her jewelry and wedding outfit. Viaan peeks to see Katha’s mehndi. Falguni hides the design refusing to let Viaan see, it will cost him 10 thousand. Viaan asks her to take the money form Katha, all that’s his belongs to her even his heart. Katha questions, Viaan shows the heart design mehndi he drew on his hand. Katha shows her design, Viaan’s name was visibly written on it. Katha asks for her name, Ehsan interferes, saying that Viaan printed her name on his heart. Ehsan takes Viaan.

Kavita asks Teeji to relax, everything is clear now. Teeji is heartbroken for not becoming a grandmother, Viaan doesn’t know the peace of having a child. Teeji knows, she cannot see her son bear that loss. Mr. Garewal questions Teeji for not considering Katha her family, she refers to her as a stranger though Viaan loves and cares for her. Viaan and Katha are happy together, Teeji not accepting that would ruin many lives. Mr. Garewal requested Teeji to accept Katha and move on. Maya speaks in Mr. Garewal’s favor, Teeji is too emotional to understand right now. Maya asks Teeji to bestow Katha with the gifts. Teeji presents Katha with the gold chains she had in the family since Viaan’s birth, one for Viaan, the other for Kahta and a small one for their child. Teeji bursts into tears. Viaan intervenes, he takes the chains, places on one Aarav. He tells Teeii that Aarav is his son. Teeji calls him made for saying so. Viaan has his named attached to Katha and Aarav now. He shows their name tattoos on his arm, he has them on his heart. Aarav wants to see. Katha asks Viaan if it’s permanent, he calls Viaan mad for doing that. Aarav will have their name tattooed as well. Katha doesn’t allow it. Maya stops Teeji from going against Viaan right now. Katha request Teeji to give them a chance because their family in incomplete without her guidance and blessings. Teeji leaves the room. Viaan asks Katha to give her some time, they will convince her with time.

The dance performance starts. Farah stares as Vanya and Ehsan dance together, everyone joins the dance floor.

Maya runs after Teeji as she cries. Teeji recalled Mr. Garewal saying that her behavior would draw Viaan away from her. Teeji wants some time alone.
Everyone enjoys dancing in the function while Teeji cries in a corner. TeeJi starts getting dizzy, she collapses.

PRECAP: Aarav finds Teeji, everyone comes to her rescue. Reet asks Maya to figure how Katha arranged 1 crore for Aarav’s operation.

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