KBC Season 15’s First Crorepati Jaskaran Singh: From Missing 7 Crores to striving for More 

Jaskaran Singh, a 21-year-old from Punjab, has achieved the distinction of becoming the first crorepati of Kaun Banega Crorepati – Season 15. He secured an impressive sum of Rs 1 crore but narrowly missed the Rs 7 crore target by just one question. His hometown of Khalra, near Amritsar, erupted in joyous celebrations as Amitabh Bachchan announced the correctness of his answer to the winning question. Here are insights from Jaskaran’s recent interview, an aspirant for the UPSC, following his remarkable jackpot victory:

Q: How long have you been preparing to participate in the show?

A: I have been earnestly preparing for the past four years, although I have been a fan of the show for much longer. Surprisingly, I began my preparations for the UPSC even before considering the show. While being a civil services aspirant certainly enhanced my knowledge, the show’s unique and diverse set of questions presented a challenge. I covered every aspect in every field. If I encountered a question I couldn’t answer, I delved deep into that topic from all available sources, including the internet and books, to ensure I left no gaps in my knowledge.

Q: How do you plan to utilize the money you won?

A: As I mentioned during the show, due to financial constraints, I couldn’t afford the kind of UPSC coaching I had wished for. Now, with this money, I will be able to pursue it. However, this money is not solely for my needs; my parents and their aspirations take precedence. It will depend on what they want to do with it. Among other things, owning a permanent house is on the list since we currently reside in a border region of Punjab.

Q: How much support have your parents provided you in your journey to the hot seat?

A: My parents are my greatest pillars of strength. My father works as a local caterer, and despite limited resources, they invested everything they had in me for my happiness. The news of my 1 crore win was delivered to my family by Amitabh sir himself, which moved him emotionally.

Q: You came incredibly close to winning 7 crore but narrowly missed it. How did that feel?

A: Despite all the preparation, the last question was so challenging that I couldn’t find the answer. Missing the 7 crore mark was undoubtedly disappointing. However, it has motivated me to strive for greater success in life. I am determined to work hard and achieve that milestone through my earnings and won’t rest until I reach it.

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