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The Episode starts with Vikrant going to Kirti. She says you came to save me. He says so much faith. Kirti says yes, I have a son like Puru, dying isn’t an option for me. He recalls his mum. Puru comes and talks to Kirti. Vikrant smiles. Ritu looks on angrily. Vikrant comes to her and thinks wow, I have a fan following, don’t know she killed a mosquito or not, but she is staring like she will kill Kirti. The teacher reminds the instructions to everyone. Ritu goes to Puru. Vikrant thinks foolish girl, why is she after Puru. He asks where are you going, what you did with Puru, wasn’t that enough. She asks what did I do. He says I had seen you opening the gate for him, I m warning you, I will suspend you if you make such a mistake again. She says no, sorry, forgive me. The girls look on and think did she trap Vikrant. Vikrant says I know why you are after Puru, focus on studies, don’t waste time. She cries. The teacher tells Vikrant about the accident. He says I m feeling hungry, we will have a lunch break. She asks Kirti and Puru to have food. Bittu calls Vikrant. Vikrant asks him not to call again. He goes to Kirti. He thinks to focus. Puru goes. Kirti looks for him. Vikrant also searches for him. Puru says I m here. Kirti asks why do you do this. Puru says Ritu gave me fruits. Ritu says your son is cute, we got friendly. Kirti thanks her. Vikrant smiles seeing Kirti.

Puru shows the tyre swing. Vikrant helps him sit on the swing. He gets a call. He goes. He asks did you go mad, what happened. Bittu says matter is urgent, I saw your car going to the jungle, I had buried Anjali there. Vikrant asks what. Bittu says yes, that’s why I was calling you again and again. Vikrant worries. He asks the teacher to ask the students to go to the bus. He shouts on her. He says do as I say, its about the children’s safety. The students say don’t cancel the tent activity. Teacher says its Sarkar’s order, we have to leave. She calls the bus driver. She says he said tyre got punctured and he will come in one hour. The girls ask can we do a tent activity. Ritu says we won’t do if you say. He says fine, do it, utilize time if you all are here. He goes and calls Bittu. Bittu says sorry. Vikrant asks where did you hide Anjali’s body. Bittu says picnic spot where you went. Vikrant asks for the exact location. Bittu says a wood log is there. Vikrant sees the wood log. The students put up the tents. Vikrant stops them from coming towards the wood log spot. He puts a chair there and sits. He sees Kirti coming and thinks no, not here.

He sees the teacher coming. He thinks come, I was waiting for you, we will sit over Anjali’s body and have a picnic today. They all get seated on the chairs. Teacher says you found a nice place. Kirti says yes, its cooler here. Ritu gets angry seeing Kirti with him. Teacher asks Kirti about her bracelet. He asks her to show strawberry farms to Kirti. Kirti says Puru didn’t see the strawberry plants, we will go once he comes. Teacher says okay. She asks for how many days did you come. Kirti says I came here to shift permanently. Vikrant thinks she doesn’t know I will shift her somewhere permanently. Kirti says my confident got shaken after Anjali left. Teacher says she was a nice girl, she respected Vikrant a lot. Kirti asks did you know her well. He says no, I met her a few times. Teacher says she had a BF, she was a private type girl. Kirti says she is alive, she will come back in some days, I feel she is close. Vikrant says find out about the bus. Teacher says bus has come. Vikrant says come, we will go. Teacher says activity. She screams seeing the red ants. She says its dangerous. He asks them to come. Puru says my super shanky, it fell down somewhere. Kirti scolds him and goes to find the toy.

The students sit in the bus. Kirti gets the toy. She stumbles. She screams seeing…. Everyone turns to see. Vikrant runs to Kirti. Kirti is shocked seeing a hand in the soil.

Kirti sees Anjali’s dead body. Dadi asks her to get justice for Anjali. Bittu says my bracelet fell there, save me. Police gets the bracelet.

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