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The Episode starts with Kirti calling Vikrant. She says sorry, constable has come home, you didn’t give the jewelry receipt to the police. He says sorry, I forgot, I will send it today. Kirti says fine. He says Sarkar will give the receipt. Constable asks her to help in investigation and not leave the city. Neha signs sorry. Madhuri asks why are you saying sorry to me. Vikrant calls Bittu and says meet me behind the jungle area, I didn’t get the bracelet. Bittu says okay. He comes to the school. He hears the students talking about Anjali’s murder. He meets the principal. Principal also talks about Anjali. He says I m also called at the police station for the enquiry. Vikrant asks shall I ask something, are you involved in her murder, say the truth. Principal says no, I can’t even kill a mosquito, save me. Vikrant says I wanted to hear this, the staff is my responsibility, I won’t let anything happen to you, be careful, police shouldn’t know about Anjali and you coming for dinner at my place. Principal says I won’t tell your name. Vikrant says I will handle this. He sees the media. He says teacher is giving interview to them. Principal goes to see. He makes the media leave. Kirti says we have to go and put the evidence back. Neha gets ready. Yadav sees the interview. He says it’s a high profile case. Commissioner asks him to find the murderer in a few days, get the evidence to my cabin. Constable signs Yadav. He says evidence 4 is missing. Yadav asks how. Constable says you dropped the evidences yesterday, there was a bracelet. Kirti helps Madhuri. She asks Neha to go out. Madhuri asks what work do you have now.

Neha and Kirti lie to Madhuri and go. Bittu calls Vikrant and says I reached there. Vikrant says I m coming in 10 mins. Teacher apologizes to him for talking to the media. She says Anjali should get justice, so I told the truth. He says its okay. She says Anjali used to talk to you often, I didn’t tell your name to them. He says thanks, its time for your class. He goes. Constable says we will go and find the bracelet. Yadav says we will go and have some food. Vikrant’s car is stuck in parking. He calls the guard. He says ask the person to move his car.

Sudhakar asks Shreya to search the bracelet. He recalls the bracelet and asks Shreya to take a printout of the pic. Vikrant asks Bittu to calm down, there are many people. Bittu goes to find the bracelet. Vikrant calls him and says find it, police doesn’t have it. He sees Kirti and Neha. He calls Bittu again. Bittu runs to hide. Kirti says you can get jailed if you steal things. Kirti puts the bracelet there. Yadav comes and says this is a crime scene, not a garden, what are you doing here. Neha lies. Yadav says you create a problem wherever you go. Kirti worries.

Vikrant talks to his friend’s pic. Robber comes and steals the things form Vikrant’s house. Kirti gets Vikrant’s shirt and says this will make us reach the culprit.

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