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The Episode starts with Vikrant and Kirti have a talk. He asks did your ex husband trouble you a lot, sorry, I think that was too personal. Kirti says my strength is that I see something good in life’s every situation, my dad used to say that we can’t change the situation but we can change our perception always, that man snatched my strength, after struggling a lot, I wasn’t able to see anything good, he had hurt me and my self respect, I thought to start a new life, else I will fall in my dad’s sight, I packed my bag and came here to start a new life. Vikrant smiles seeing her. He says I m seeing an inspiring girl. She asks what else do you see. He says you are all alone, like me. She says no, I have Puru with me, Madhuri and Sudhakar are good, but they might be troubled by my stay. He says you can shift to my house, there is an extra room. She says no, I already took favors from you. He says strange, you are getting a room close to your family, trust me, you will be good there. She says but you have to take rent from me. He says done. She says done, thanks again.

Bittu is sleeping. Ganesh has escaped. Vikrant thinks of Kirti. He thinks she is intelligent, different and beautiful, I have fallen in love with her, she is a threat to me, leave the love, I have to kill her soon. He smiles and thinks what to do, how shall I stop thinking of her.

Bittu calls Vikrant and says Ganesh has fled, I didn’t know he is so clever, he hit me and ran away. Vikrant is shocked. Madhuri and everyone get ready. Shreyas says Puru looks a hero like me. Neha says he is so cute, he will get one million followers.

Shreyas compliments Dadi. Madhuri says Kirti looks good, Vikrant was mesmerized seeing her. Kirti says Puru will hear, don’t say that, Sarkar and I are just friends. Madhuri says love begins with friendship, you have to settle again, think of it, you will have Sasural and Maayka here. Dadi asks will a rich man marry a divorced girl. Kirti gets sad. Sudhakar comes and asks how do I look, what happened, why are you silent. Dadi asks Kirti not to feel bad. She says society doesn’t treat a divorcee well, I have seen it. Madhuri says times have changed, Kirti is young, she should have hope, who knows Sarkar and she become a perfect pair. Kirti says no. She does shayari and cheers them.

Shreyas asks Sudhakar what work did you have of that bracelet. Sudhakar doesn’t say and goes out. Vikrant slaps Bittu and says I asked you not to drink. He says carpenter will go to the police station to file a complaint, catch him and get him to me. Bittu goes. Ganesh wakes up and recalls escaping at night. Everyone is at the temple. They all wait for Sarkar. Vikrant comes. Kirti smiles seeing him. The man asks Vikrant to do the puja first.

Everyone prays. The dhols play. Ganesh swims in the lake and reaches the other side. Kirti takes Puru with her. Ganesh comes in front. Kirti and Puru get scared. She asks aren’t you ashamed to get drunk on Devi’s day. Ganesh looks for the police. Vikrant sees him.

Vikrant asks Bittu to catch Ganesh. Kirti looks for Puru. Ganesh sees the police. Vikrant comes in front of him.

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