Khatron Ke Khiladi 13: Sheezan Khan breaks down during a stunt; confronts past trauma 

In the latest installment of the adrenaline-pumping reality show Khatron Ke Khiladi 13, an intense challenge brings forth a wave of emotions for contestant Sheezan Khan. Host Rohit Shetty introduces a captivating stunt that tests the remaining participants, with Anjum Faikh and Nyrra Banerji having already faced their fears in the elimination stunt.

This time, Shetty aims to present a cool stunt for Sheezan and Dino. The task involves both contestants lying within a confined box, their bodies secured by chains. Suspended on the cage wires are six keys that hold the key to unlocking their restraints. The twist lies in the keys carrying electric currents, while the contestants are positioned on an icy bed.

As Sheezan takes on the challenge, his struggle becomes palpable. Each key he attempts sends a jolt of current through his body, eliciting cries of pain. Overwhelmed by the sensations, he pleads for the current to be reduced. The confinement of the cage triggers a bout of claustrophobia within him, invoking memories of past traumas. Battling the surge of emotions, he manages to complete the task, only to emerge from the box in tears.

In a vulnerable moment, Sheezan shares, “Being enclosed in that cage triggered my claustrophobia. While performing, I couldn’t help but recall events from the past few months. This trauma resurfaced during the stunt.” Despite the emotional turmoil, his teammates offer comfort and praise for his determination to finish the challenge.

Next up is Dino, who takes on the task with tenacity. While navigating the electrified keys, he too feels the shock but perseveres through the discomfort. Encouraged by Rohit Shetty’s guidance and motivation, Dino completes the challenge in a commendable time. Shetty subsequently reveals the results: Sheezan completed the stunt in 9 minutes and 53 seconds, while Dino finished in 9 minutes and 17 seconds.

Though Dino outpaces Sheezan in completing the stunt, Sheezan’s triumph lies in his personal battle against past demons. The emotional journey he undertook within the confines of the cage resonates deeply, and his tears stand as a testament to his strength.

As Khatron Ke Khiladi 13 unfolds, the participants continue to showcase their resilience, courage, and vulnerability, making it an engaging spectacle for audiences.

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