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The Episode starts with Vishaka asking Dida if there is something between Pallavi and Prachi, and says it doesn’t look like Pallavi likes Prachi, as the latter is Rhea’s sister. She says Mihika is our house daughter and we worry for her, and says it is my responsibility to think about her happiness. Dida says Pallavi, Prachi and Rhea’s relations are bad. Vishaka says may be Pallavi doesn’t like Prachi as she is. Dida says lets go, else people will think that we have run away. Mihika asks Mayank, why is he running behind her. Mayank asks what has happened to you and says your sister is ready to marry Aryan to stay with you. He says why you are talking like this, and says I love you and asked her not to joke with her sister, it hurts. Mihika says I joked, but didn’t do the marriage. Mayank asks her to marry Ranbir. Mihika says ok, I will marry him. Mayank holds her neck. Mihika pushes him and asks if this is your love, you was suffocating my neck and taking my life. She says you don’t deserve me. Mayank says I love you so much, and can’t hurt you and apologizes to her. Mihika says I will not forgive you. Mayank says I will rub my nose infront of you. He rubs his nose on the ground. Mihika says I don’t know if I want to come back to you or not. Mayank says you don’t want to come back to me, and takes knife in his hand. He says you are my life, what I will do, if you go from here. He cuts his wrist and asks her to message Prady. Mihika gets worried and holds his hand.

Vikram tells Ashok that they didn’t know that they will meet this way. Ashok says we don’t know what is going to happen with us, and such talks are done by women. Vikram says we don’t know what is going to happen next moment. Pallavi comes there. Ashok says she wants to talk to you. Pallavi takes Vikram to side, and tells him that nothing is fine. She says Ranbir will not marry in this house, where Prachi stays. Vikram says you are still stuck with the past, and asks why you are ruining the things. Ranbir comes there and hugs Vikram. Vikram asks how are you? Ranbir says I am fine and asks how are you? Vikram says he got his life. Aryan asks him to meet Pallavi aunty as well. Ranbir hugs Pallavi. Pallavi says Ranbir you can’t do this marriage. Ranbir asks why, you met Mihika and everything was fine, then why you are saying this. Pallavi says I had forgotten about Prachi, that she is their bahu. She says Prachi is the bahu of this house, and says how can your alliance happen here. Ranbir says what worst can happen than this, I want to stay with Mihika and wants to marry her. Pallavi says but Prachi. Ranbir says I don’t care about her, she has moved on in life, then why I can’t move on. He says it was my misunderstanding that Prachi and I were made for each other. He asks her to see the ring which he has brought. Pallavi signs good. Vikram says it is really good.

Pradeep is enjoying the party drink, when Mihika messages him. Mihika ties bandage to Mayank’s hand. Mayank asks Mihika not to leave him and says I have realized that I can’t live without you, when you left me. Mihika says I didn’t leave you, but you left me, and got married. He asks her to give him a chance and says I will take care of you, and will keep you happy. He says I should have valued you, and should have taken interest in your family and friends, and says sorry for not understanding her. He says now I am with you, either you can leave me to die, or promise to be with me. Mihika melts down, holds his hand and hugs him. Pradeep comes there. Mihika says how did you reach here so soon. Pradeep says I was going from here, when you messaged, I came here. He says Mayank is married and your engagement is going to happen, and asks what you both were doing in the room. Mihika says Mayank will tell you everything. She asks Pradeep to handle Mayank and says I have to go out, else hungama will happen. Mayank asks her to go. Mihika goes. Mayank closes the door and says he has just cut her wrist to trap Mihika, and she trusted him that he loves him really. Pradeep says if anything had happened to you. Mayank says Mihika wouldn’t let me die, and would have take me to hospital. Pradeep asks what is the plan? Mayank says leave your other friends, and tells that this friend will become wealthy by marrying Mihika.

Pallavi asks Ranbir if he wants to do this engagement. Ranbir says even I want to move on in my life, Prachi has moved on already. He says he will get engaged to Mihika. Vikram hugs him. Manpreet asks Prachi to take ring from Ranbir. Prachi comes to Ranbir and takes ring from his hand. Vishaka says we shall get the engagement done, but there is sometime for mahurat, so we shall practice so that there is no problem when engagement happens. Manpreet says we shall get the engagement done directly. Vishaka asks why you want to cut my words and tells that she wants to see it. Manpreet asks Prachi to bring Mihika to Ranbir. Prachi thinks oh god, I am giving my love’s hand in my sister in law’s hand.

Precap: Prachi gives rings to Ranbir and Mihika. Ranbir makes Mihika wear the ring. Prachi looks on.

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