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The Episode starts with Manpreet asking Prachi to give the ring. Prachi gives the ring to Ranbir and Mihika. Ranbir holds Mihika’s hand to make her wear it, but then he moves and says if it is ok, if we do engagement directly without practice. He says we can make each other wear ring, we are not kids. He says let Pandit ji come. Abhay says ok. Divya asks everyone to enjoy their performance till then. Ranbir and Mihika dance on the song main chod aayi ghar ……..Ranbir imagines dancing with Prachi on the song oh maiyya menu yaad….Ranbir comes out of his imagination seeing Mihika and they start dancing. Pallavi looks at them. Vishaka looks at her. Everyone claps for Ranbir and Mihika. Prachi gets upset and goes from there. Shahana goes behind her. Pallavi comes to Vikram and asks him to come with her, says she wants to talk to him. She takes him to room. Vikram asks what happened? Pallavi asks him to answer her and says I am very doubtful, I couldn’t talk to you as Ranbir came. She says I want to talk about Ranbir and Mihika’s relation and asks if they shall get married, and asks if he is understanding and says I feel that they shall not get married. Dida comes and asks why you are saying this? Vikram says just now Ranbir tells that when Prachi can move on then why can’t he? Pallavi asks if he got this house only to move on. She says this is Prachi’s house, and he got this house to move on. Dida says you are saying too much. Pallavi says you people don’t think well and asks them to see what is actually happening. Vikram asks her not to see what is not there, for God’s sake. Pallavi says don’t you understand why Ranbir wants to marry here, as Prachi is here. Ranbir says I am not marrying due to Prachi, but because of my destiny. He says it is written in my destiny, and asks if you will agree and understand if I tell you the truth. Pallavi asks what truth?

Mihika comes back to Mayank. Pradeep tells her that Mayank refused to go to hospital. Mayank asks did you talk to everyone. Mihika says no and asks him not to worry as Ranbir doesn’t love her. Mayank says we shall run away from here. Mihika says we shall not run away, Ranbir will support me as I love you. Mayank asks if Ranbir doesn’t love you really. Mihika recalls Ranbir’s words that he lied seeing his father having chest pain. She says Ranbir doesn’t love me, everyone has misunderstanding. Mayank asks if he is with you for money. Mihika says he is helping me, as you left me suddenly, so I brought him here so that he helps me, and nobody scolds me. She goes. Mayank tells his friend that he has become crorepati.

Ranbir tells Pallavi that I met Mihika on Prachi and Akshay’s marriage day. Pallavi says that’s when you have decided to marry her. Vikram says let him speak. Pallavi asks them if they don’t understand why he wants to marry Mihika. She says he wants to marry Mihika, so that he stays near Prachi, and prachi roams around him. Dida says if Ranbir and Prachi love each other and wants to unite then nobody can stop him. Vikram asks Ranbir why he wants to marry Mihika, if he loves her. Ranbir says I left Rhea twice on the mandap because I loved Prachi, and tells that if Prachi married Akshay for love, no. Pallavi asks Ranbir if she can trust him. Ranbir recalls and tells Pallavi that he is marrying Mihika for Mihika only and there is no involvement of Prachi in this, I don’t want to make her jealous or go closer to her. Vikram says now everything is clear and tells Pallavi that Ranbir and Mihika will not stay here after the marriage, and asks her if she trusts Ranbir now, that he loves Mihika and wants to marry her for her only. Pallavi says I trust my son, it is enough for me. She says I am happy with this marriage now.

Pradeep asks Mayank, what is he doing here, as Mihika asked him to stay in room. Mayank says I am acting to be good with her and will not dance on her tune. Ranbir comes there and goes from there. Pradeep says he is the one who is marrying Mihika. Mayank says he is thinking to marry her, but what he saw in her, there is nothing in her, I had left her. Pradeep says if Mihika wants to marry him, leaving you then what you will do. Mayank says I will not let this happen and will kill this guy, as this will be the way out to control Mihika. Aryan comes to Ranbir and asks if there is any problem, as Pallavi and Vikram went to side, then you went with dida. Ranbir asks why you are behind me? Aryan asks him to say.

Precap: Rhea tells Pallavi that she will not let Ranbir marry Mihika, and tells that he doesn’t know what she wants. Mihika comes there and asks who is she?

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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